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Big Cat's preseason hype

Having just discussed the early rumblings of the media's focus on Randolph Morris' breakout campaign, it seems fitting that on Monday the SEC coaches' all-conference preseason team.

The only Wildcats player on any of the lists, Morris breaks in as a member of the All-SEC second team, alongside eight other players.

Florida predictably dominates the list, with three first-teamers (Noah, Brewer, Horford) and one on the second team (Taurean Green).

Nice to see the Big Cat get some love from the coaches. Count me as (a) a homer and (b) a believer in Morris. I think he'll be a first-team All-SEC pick after the season, frankly, and I expect Noah to struggle more than folks think this year.

The SEC's best player will be either Glen Davis (LSU) or Corey Brewer (Florida).