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Big press for Big Randy ...

The Associated Press does a profile piece on the new, leaner, stronger Randolph Morris and what he means to Kentucky's chances in 2006-07.

And it's an interesting question.

Morris is, by all recent accounts, rededicated to his game. He's focused on becoming more of a threat in the low block and more consistent, not to mention less inclined to foul.

But what about his teammates? Don't get me wrong; if Morris is as good as we all hope he is, he won't need to do anything else to help his team. But after "two" years of Morris on the court, it seems particularly clear that he is not the vocal leader type.

Whether he's loping up and down the court, putting up incredibly low assist totals or showing a remarkable inability to corral rebounds, Morris' game is undeniably score-centric. And that's fine. But he could be much more than that.

First things first, let Morris be Morris.

But if big Randy can turn into something greater, a solid core around which his Wildcats teammates can truly revolve, then Kentucky can turn a good season -- which I believe are guaranteed to have -- into a great season.

The stakes are clear for the Cats. decided to chip in with a much belated "Tubby is on the hot seat" article. I would have thought we'd see many more of these by now. It's a really easy story to write, if nothing more than readable.

A lot will be different when the Cats win Maui.