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Boston brewin' up some love for UK star

In case you haven't noticed, Kentucky lost point guard Rajon Rondo to the NBA after his sophomore season. Rondo was inarguably UK's best player -- leading the team in rebounds at 6'1" and assists, steals and minutes played. He also led the team in getting raked over the coals by fans and reporters as a "cancer" to the team chemistry.

We have no way of knowing that, and Rondo for his part has been nothing but complimentary in public about his time in Lexington. I said it before and will say it again here that Rondo is going to be an NBA star, and his UK roots, along with those of Tayshaun Prince and Nazr Mohammed, are going to help in recruiting in the same way UNC's NBA stars help them.

The Boston media has already taken note of Rondo's on-court skills, gushing about the quicksilver guard on several occasions.

One complaint that never rang true to me was that Rondo didn't work hard enough at UK, and he sure seems focused in Boston. Good press for the Cats.