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Duke of "Eh" ...

The first catch-up article is in on top Kentucky target Patrick Patterson's official visit to Duke (premium link), and it's rather underwhelming.

Taking into account that the first "I just got back" article from recruits is uaually overly effusive, complete with overly zealous beat writers insinuating at random, this article's tone is remarkably subdued.

Or maybe I'm just reading it that way.

It seems Patterson, as has been reported, is being very analytical about his college choice, and isn't getting caught up in glamour.

Or maybe rumors of Patrick's interest/loyalty to Coach Smith and the Wildcats is not bunk after all. Tubby was in on Pat well before the big boys came calling, and 23,000 Big Blue faithful screaming at Rupp for a freaking practice might be just what the Cats need to show the power forward the love.

We'll see. If nothing else, the article reads like it's a three-team race, with Florida and Duke already having pitched their wares.

Kentucky's next, and it's a big show. Here's hoping it's what the talented top-20 recruit is wanting to see.