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What's next for the cagers?

So how do you follow up a Big Blue Madness weekend where you garner the verbal commitment of one of your three top recruiting targets?

You hold the annual Blue-White game, host another few visitors and hope for good news from those other two targets.

The yearly open to the public scrimmage at Memorial Coliseum takes place next Saturday at 2 p.m. ET. Last year, Rajon Rondo put on a show, basically foreshadowing the sort of all-around brilliance (and predominantly one-on-one mindset) he'd display all season.

This year, it's another chance to see the freshmen in action, evaluate the progress of Jared Carter and see what the returning juniors have to offer.

This weekend is also a chance to host more interested prospects. Georgia forward, and UK target with the most excellent name, Marshall Moses is scheduled to e on campus. Moses has made his interest in the Cats extremely clear to the media. The big question around the recruiting water cooler is whether Moses has a firm scholarship offer from UK.

Tubby Smith and David Hobbs are clearly interested, but they have also made it known to Moses that they wouldn't mind it if he decided to switch to the 2008 class and work on his grades. But Moses has all but disavowed that option, and one wonders where this connection is leading.

If fellow Georgian Chris Barnes -- a bruising late-bloomer power forward -- decides to attend UK (he has said his announcement is Thursday), that brings Kentucky's haul to 3 (Mike Williams, AJ Stewart and then Barnes) with two spots "reserved" for Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson. Of course, Barnes could choose to go elsewhere.

Also supposedly visiting this weekend are Pennsylvania twins Marcus and Markeiff Morris. The Morris boys are still deciding between the 2007 and 08 classes themselves, and their interest is also hard to know where to fit in.

Regardless, it's another big weekend on tap for Tubby Smith and Co. And with actual basketball practice in full swing now, it's a busy time for the hoops Wildcats.

Update [2006-10-16 23:32:15 by JL Blue]:

Once again, scooped by Matt Jones and KSR. Moses will NOT be visiting this weekend, as he has a personal family matter to attend to. As of now, the Morris Twins are the rumored visitors this weekend. More on recruiting at KSR blog.

Update [2006-10-17 11:20:31 by JL Blue]:

And then there was ... how many?

OK, then. Well, it appears that the Morris Twins -- who were scheduled to come to UK this weekend -- may still come, but they won't be on the radar for 2007, having decided to prep. With all the recruits Tubby Smith and friends are bringing in for a look, it seems logical that if some of these kids are interested, they'll have to look to next year.