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Madness on my mind

The official kickstart of Kentucky basketball that is Big Blue Madness took place at Rupp Arena on Friday, and all in all, my feelings on the event are rather mixed.

Whatever milquetoast, white-assed 50-somethings are in a position of decision-making for this thing need to be shit-canned immediately. If two years ago's "Back to the Future" wasn't bad, then this year's completely theme-less Clog-a-thon was ridiculous.

it's not that complicated, honestly. This event is basically for fans and for recruiting purposes, so it shouldn't veer from the following recipe:

(1) Men's team doing ANYTHING
(2) Loud Rock/Rap
(3) Dunking
(4) See #1

Don't get me wrong. I love that they include the women's team, honestly. Kentucky, particularly with Mickie DeMoss at the helm, can build a national title winner in women's hoops. And providing some of that fanship and hype that the men enjoy is a big part of that. But let's be honest as well, it should not be at the expense of even showing the men or any highlights ...

Anyone tuning in before 10:10 was treated to a women's scrimmage, clogging (we'll come back to this) and some meaningless banter from a boring-as-hell Kyle Macy and some bleached out lady with a shrill voice.

Also, enough with the damn country music. The players (mostly) don't want it, the fans (mostly) aren't going to start "raising the roof" to "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" or whatever.

But the team itself? Looked good, for a first practice. early word that the team looked much more fit and strong was dead on, as even the smaller guys showed impressive "guns."

The freshmen, who will have to play a lot more than in years past, looked surprisingly ready. Perhaps the best two players on the court were Perry Stevenson and Jodie Meeks, who both seemed calm and collected.

Maybe they were soothed by the dulcet clacking of All That!, the neo-clogging outfit that someone's gay uncle got booked at maybe the biggest event in Kentucky save the Derby.

All of it just reiterates something I've known for several years: I should be in charge.

So, Patrick Patterson, how many schools did you visit that can draw 23,312 for a freaking practice? The answer is one. Pull the trigger, kid. You won't ever regret it.