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Preseason NBA hoops: It's something-tastic!

Keeping up with the once and future Wildcats in the first preseason action of the year:

  • Chuck Hayes, 2nd Yr., C, Houston Rockets.
    You're probably looking at that and saying, "Chuck Hayes was many things, but he was never a center." Tell that to the folks at I, for one, am partial to believing it. And given that Hayes put up a 10-rebound game, why the hell not? Teammate Kelenna Azubuike had three fouls in nearly as little time, but also managed a trio of rebounds.
  • Rajon Rondo, Rookie, PG, Boston Celtics.
    I have been pretty clear on this for some time -- Rondo is going to be an impressive NBA player. Not a role player, and not a basketball vagabond. I'm not going to read too much into a first game, but not a bad debut for the athletic freak from the Bluegrass (11 pts, 5 rbs, 4 st, 8 ast!.
  • New and former teammates suited up for the Pistons, with Tayshaun Prince having a typically understated performance and Nazr Mohammed looking sharp statistically in his first game with Detroit. Heat forward Antoine Walker wasn't chucking or hitting really Tuesday.
  • My boy Keith Bogans showed up early for the Magic, with 5 rebounds and a cool 14 points.