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Former Kentucky Hoopsters Getting Respect

"At the annual Rookie Photo Shoot in August, NBA.com surveyed 40 rookies about the best in their group. Wizards point guard John Wall, the top pick in the Draft, is clearly at the top of the class, but he's not the only Kentucky guy, nor the only one with a chance to win Rookie of the Year."

ESPN 2010 Pre- Draft Video Featuring Former UK Players


If you scroll down to the bottom righthand corner of the above link, you will see a really classy 2010 NBA pre-draft video. Keep an eye out and you’ll be sure to recognize some faces, and the faces you recognize are fabulous.

Patrick Patterson and Beatboxing


If you like Patrick Patterson, and I know you do, click on the above link to listen to a short clip that contains his attempt at beatboxing. I fully admit to knowing absolutely nothing about the term "beatboxing" until I ran across this clip, but apparently beatboxing is yet another thing on the long list of things that our dear sweet Patrick is quite good at. Go Patrick. Link courtesy of the SB Nation NBA Draft blog: Ridiculous Upside, via Liberty Ballers.

2010 NBA Draft Lottery


In case anyone is interested, the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery will be held tonight and it will be televised on ESPN and online at ESPN3.com starting at 8 p.m. ET. You can play the lottery for yourself using the above link and also check out the odds of getting the coveted number one pick (i.e. most likely our very own John Wall) for each of the lottery teams. This little tidbit according to Dave Telep via Twitter: "Spoke with John Wall today. I think it’s the most relaxed and excited I've heard him in a long time. ESPN live w/him tonight." [UPDATE] -- Full 2010 NBA Draft Lottery results can be found here. Results courtesy of the fabulous SB Nation blog: Ridiculous Upside. [UPDATE] -- Andy Katz interviews John Wall after the Washington Wizards win the NBA Draft Lottery.

NBADraft.net Latest Mock Draft


This is just one of the many mock drafts out there, of course, but this mock currently lists Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Orton and Bledsoe all going in the first round. There is no way to know for sure about draft order and lottery teams this early, but it's still fun to look at mock drafts and to speculate on where our boys might end up if they all stay in the draft, and which NBA teams we might be watching with newfound interest next season.

Ten Teams to Avoid When Bracket-Picking


No, UK didn’t make this list, and obviously this is just one or a few people's opinion and shouldn’t be taken totally to heart, but I thought this list was interesting. Florida making the list didn’t really shock me and actually made me smile as I didn’t see them making the field in the first place and I pretty much expected to see Purdue on this list, but some of these teams totally surprised me.

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