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Follow SB Nation's New SEC Twitter


Get updates from all of the SEC sites on the SB Nation network, and make fun of the Big 10, all on one account! Both the SEC and Big 10 accounts launched recently, and we're now in a battle to claim the most followers. Show your support!

New SEC Deal With CBS Is For Same Money


The results of post-expansion negotiations on one front are in, and the league is netting no extra money from CBS. The only new thing form the extended deal is what we learned on May 2, that CBS's exclusivity window for the 3:30 pm ET time slot is no more. It makes sense when you think about it. CBS carries one game a week for all but the first two weeks, plus one doubleheader per year. Expanding the league doesn't matter much to a broadcaster that is only carrying one game per week. Plus with CBS paying around $4 million per game, it's hard to justify upping the rights fee based on merely putting more teams in the league when they don't have higher profiles than the existing premium teams.

Countdown to Signing Day: 30 Days


We are now just 30 days away from National Signing Day, and Ky Cat Stats will be bringing to you a series of posts between now and then to get you ready for it.

Georgia Fans Give Mizzou Same Review Buffalo Fans Gave Athens


We thought they were too nice. There are worse things to have said about you, I suppose. Go 'Dawgs!

Programming Note: Dawg Sports Radio Appearance Scheduled for 5:10 P.M. Eastern Today


At 5:10 p.m. Eastern, roughly two hours from now, I am scheduled to call in to John Frary's ESPN Radio show on 1420 AM out of St. Augustine. If you're in the area, tune in, and, otherwise, follow the above link to listen. Go 'Dawgs!

We Totally Got Hosed on the Schedule


Connor Shaw can barely raise his throwing arm. Darn the SEC for abandoning the sacred tradition of letting Georgia play South Carolina early in the season! Go 'Dawgs!

Mizzou Is Doing Everything It Can to Tick Me Off


Cheap shots at our mascot? Weak, lame, and really, really annoying. Go 'Dawgs!

Will Auburn's Image Problem Impact Recruiting?


SB Nation's own Bud Elliot (@SBNrecruiting) discusses whether Auburn has an image problem, and if so, how it might impact recruiting. Tell us what you think.

Georgia Bulldogs Win National Title in EA Sports Simulation


This is being run by a Florida fan and a South Carolina fan, so I'm sure they're just trying to jinx us, but still. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

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