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Joker Phillips Invokes Heath Ledger's Joker

Several Florida football coaches have recently turned their Twitter feeds into nonstop broadcasts of recruiting messages. New WR coach Joker Phillips is among them. Today, he posted this vaguely unsettling photoshop job of turning an image of Heath Ledger's version of the Joker from The Dark Knight into a poster telling recruits to come play for him. Whatever works, I guess, but it's a little creepy if you ask me.

UK athletics’ self-reported NCAA violations in 2011-12 // Courier-Journal

I know you are dying to know about men's basketball. There was only 1 reported secondary issue for the men's team, a Level II by Rod Strickland. Read about it here. Also, Joker Phillips reported a Level I on himself.

The Newest Dumbest NCAA Violations Ever

Kentucky reported some secondary violations last year, as all programs have to from time to time. No big deal, except that some of these show the unending absurdity of NCAA rules. OC Randy Sanders got dinged because he texted a recruit's father to let him know he'd miss a visit because Sanders' father had passed away. Joker Phillips also had to report a violation when he replied "who is this sorry" to a text from an unknown number that turned out to be a recruit. Click the link to see some more NCAA insanity.

Joker Phillips on the Bass Guitar

Joker Phillips is going to appear as the bass guitarist in an upcoming music video for country musician JD Shelburne. The photographic evidence is contained in the link. It's unclear whether Joker was actually playing the bass or just posing with it; as a bass player myself, the first photo makes it look like the latter is true. (H/T EDSBS)

Interview with Joker Phillips

I know no one in Kentucky is thinking about football, nor is anyone else in the conference thinking about its football program. Despite that, CBS has a nice interview with new UK head football coach Joker Phillips.

SEC 2009 // Kentucky Goes for Four - Team Speed Kills

A really excellent look at Kentucky football pre-season from a macro viewpoint.

Is Coach Brooks on the Mountain of Nebo?

This is a thoughtful piece by the Fake Gimel Martinez at Kentucky Sports Radio. He wonders if it would be better for Brooks to retire this year, or stay on, and makes some fair points pro or con. My feeling is that Brooks should stay just as long as he pleases. I assume that at some point, he will decide to call it a career, and I suppose that he is or intends to gradually let Phillips come more to the front, very much as Bobby Bowden did at FSU. But then again, who knows? Add to the speculation below.

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