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Akron To Hire Jim Tressel As Academic Administrator


" Former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is expected to be introduced on Thursday by the University of Akron as an administrator, possibly a vice president on the academic side, several sources told The Dispatch tonight. Officials from Akron would not confirm it but issued the following statement: "When Jim Tressel and other alumni assisted us in our search for a football coach last December, we began to engage in dynamic conversations about Jim’s professional goals outside of athletics. We share a common interest in innovative programs for student success. Our discussions continue." It wasn’t clear what capacity Tressel will serve in."

Jim Tressel Gets Five Year "Show-Cause" Order


"Tressel, forced out in the wake of the scandal, was hit with a five-year "show-cause" order which all but prevents him from being a college coach during that time. "Of great concern to the committee was the fact that the former head coach became aware of these violations and decided not to report the violations," the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions wrote in its report. Greg Sankey, associate commissioner of the Southeastern Conference and a committee member, said in a teleconference that Tressel's failure to act was, "considered very serious and, frankly, very disappointing.""

Ohio State faces failure to monitor charge


"In a signal that tougher penalties likely loom, the NCAA has notified Ohio State University that it is facing a charge of failing to monitor its violation-plagued football program. Failure to monitor is the second-worst finding the NCAA can impose on an athletic program. Ohio State announced the NCAA findings this afternoon and that it would cut five scholarships over a three-year period beginning next year. The NCAA allows football programs to have 85 scholarship players. A spokesman for Ohio State athletics said the self-imposed punishment would not mean the Buckeyes would pare back to 80 scholarships over the next three years. He said that the team might not use, say, two of the 85 in 2012, one in 2013 and two in 2014, for a total of five over the period. The NCAA previously had notified OSU that it was not being accused of failure to monitor or the worst charge — loss of institutional control. The NCAA’s move to invoke the charge now means that the NCAA considers the violations committed by Ohio State to stem from a central problem, rather than individual misdeed."

Jim Tressel Radio Interview


Former Buckeye Dustin Fox, who now works for Cleveland radio station 92.3, interviewed Jim Tressel earlier today. It's a pretty expansive discussion, and Tressel opened up a bit more emotionally, probably due to his personal connection to Fox.

Matt Hayes is a little late with this...

I addressed this almost two months ago... Right. Welcome to the party pal......

A Call for the Return of the Death Penalty in College Sports


NCAA football is at a crossroads. While the sport is seeing record revenues thanks to giant television contracts and merchandise sales, there is also a cancer that is permeating what is rapidly becoming America's pastime.

NCAA Finds No Further Violations at Ohio State

The NCAA has notified Ohio State University that it will not face charges of failing to appropriately monitor its football team as part of a memorabilia-sales scandal that brought down former Coach Jim Tressel. The NCAA has not uncovered any new, unreported violations during its investigation and agrees with Ohio State that Tressel was the only university official aware of violations by his players and that he failed to report them. More on this later, but I can't stress how important this news is. While not removing the possibility that Ohio State will receive further penalties from the NCAA, it does lessen the odds and remains a very good omen.

Columbus Dispatch Leaks Self-Imposed Penalties


- Vacation of wins from 2010 season. - Program placed on probation for two seasons. - No bowl ban. - No lost scholarships. - One more player received tattoo benefits and has been declared ineligible. Ohio State has requested that he be reinstated by the NCAA. It also includes an admission that the university asked Tressel to resign, an obvious conclusion that is now official.

Slow Unraveling Payola Scandal Brewing in Oregon Ducks' Football Program


Peter Bean from Burnt Orange Nation has a very interesting writeup on a serious scandal that has been unfolding in Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks program. It's worth a close read. GO BRUINS.

Ohio State Compliance Also on the Take?


NBC Sports is reporting that Ohio State's director of compliance got a "courtesy vehicle" from a local Columbus dealership in exchange for Buckeyes tickets. If this pans out, Ohio State's penalties could make U$C's look like child's plays.

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