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Being gay in WWE? No sweat says Jonathan Coachman!

In a discussion about NFL teams asking players about their sexuality, former WWE announcer Jonathan Coachman claimed that being openly gay in pro wrestling was "never an issue". The cases of Kanyon...

Sports media gives strong coverage to gay-friendly NFL players story


Eddie George Outsports' story about a dozen NFL players offering support for a gay teammate got an overwhelming response from the sports...

Lane Kiffin - Colin Cowherd ESPN


Make sure you listen to this interview, there are some great talking points here and some nice insight from Kiffin.

ESPN's Cowherd weirdly slams Miami Herald's GR, hockey writers

"The guy covering the Florida Panthers, he was at a floral show early in the week." Were we really expecting any other attitude from the "Worldwide Leader"? More via AwfulAnnouncing.com above.

The Top 10 Media Personalities In College Football


This story looks at the top college football media personalities heading into the 2012 season. Kirk Herbstreit tops our list.

Cowherd Goes Absurd


I will readily admit that sports radio hosts are, as a group, not exactly radiant beacons of deep analytical thought. Don't trouble yourself over my questionable use of the term "admit" in that...

Marquette Slap Of Five Gate: NATIONAL EDITION


ESPN's SportsNation cuts deep into the destruction of the bonds of brotherhood.

Colin Cowherd perspective on Tony Romo


I highly recommend listening to Monday's Thundering Herd podcast. Colin Cowherd provides some really good perspective on Romo's performance Sunday, and also get some interesting takes from Brian Billick, Trent Dilfer and Herm Edwards. (Mixed in with discussion of Cam Newton and Mark Sanchez.) Very worth a listen, especially if you're overwhelmed with some of the overreaction taking place. Interesting how Billick, Dilfer and Edwards all respond to Colin's questions about Romo with an implicit dual standard in their evaluation of him. They respond in terms of how he is perceived by the fans based on the high standards and the spotlight on him because of the team and situation, and what he needs to do to satisfy his critics from that perspective. But then they also respond in terms of pure football analysis, which is much more objective and more favorable when you look at it with the same standards you'd hold any other NFL QB to.

Marcus Allen on ESPN Radio


Marcus Allen talks with Colin Cowherd Here are some cliff notes from Garry P. * Carson Palmer - Absolutely he still has some mileage left in his tank. It comes down to passion, do you want to be where you are? I don't think he wants to retire. Sometimes a change of scenery is what you need. * Reggie Bush - I think Reggie is a very good back but the amount of attention coming out of SC was unrealistic and unfair. He was never a full-time back at USC, he shared time with LenDale White. * NFL team in LA - the city is crazy if it doesn't embrace this. The state has lost a lot of big companies over the last 10 years and we need a successful league like the NFL to come in and help revitalize downtown. * Lane Kiffin - I like him and I expect great things. We talked over the summer about SC history, his philosophies. We've become Showtime in recent years and we were never about that, USC was about hitting you in the mouth on the first play of the game and playing smashmouth ball. By the time the 3rd and 4th quarter rolled around we owned you, that's the mentality he wants to get back to.

The 2011 Manure Expo And Why You Don't Want to Miss It!


The 2011 Manure Expo features a bunch of events that even college football fans won't want to miss!!!

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