SoB SEC Player of the Year Rankings: Round 3

It was after a spanking at Rupp Arena in Feb. 2003 that an introspective Billy Donovan told the media honestly that he had to recruit a different type of player, one modeled after the success Tubby...

SoB SEC Power Rankings: Week 2

How do you grade a league? Is it based solely on how the teams at the top play, or how the teams at the bottom perform? In the SEC's case, depth could be the most telling factor.After a few games...

SEC Player of the Year Rankings: Round 2

As predicted, the first week of conference play opened up a window on the best and brightest the SEC has to offer this season. While some names on this list will draft back to the pack, others not...

SoB SEC Power Rankings: Week 1

As predicted, the conference season always shakes up preconceived notions of who is further along the road to March. Teams with more to prove scrap and claw, while some of the haves take the...

SEC Player of the Year Rankings

Conference season is upon us. I hesitate to say "at last," because that implies things get easier from here on. Things most certainly do not.But with the rising level of play is the opportunity to...

Two down, one to go

It's travel day for this denizen of Sea of Blue, so it'll be short but sweet.Wish I had more time to pick apart the Cats' tough 71-66 loss to UCLA on Tuesday night. From this vantage point, while...

Strange Bruins: Cats face stiff test

It took about three minutes last night to see who No. 20 Kentucky would be facing in the second semifinal of the Maui Invitational tonight at 9 pm ET (Bracket PDF). UCLA's many athletes and jump...

Fantasy Islands? Could be. Here's how.

You're Kentucky and you're ranked No. 22 in the nation. You're the all-time leader in wins, second with 7 NCAA titles and have arguably the best traveling contingent in the country turning a road...

Caged Heat: Kentucky presses into Maui

It is perhaps the biggest gripe UK'n basketball faithful have had about Tubby Smith's tenure -- the pace is just too slow. Call it hangover from the 'Run 'n Slap' defensive days of Rick Pitino's...

Former Cats go Hollywood

Shaw got it started with Blue Chips, then went all in with Kazaam! Now, it's gotten out of control.With news that beloved former Wildcat Tayshaun Prince appears as a "legless, tormented soul" in...

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