Calipari on Character

This excerpt from John Calipari's interview with Bill O'Reilly is definitely worth watching. He explains how character is important to him, and some of the ways he judges it.

The Fan behind "Succeed and Proceed"

Meet UK can René Cornette, she came up with the slogan that Coach Cal decided to brand as the replacement to one and done and threw it on some Nike T-shirts for all to wear.

Truth: Your team wants the "one and done" player.

In today's world of the one and done, or as John Calipari would have it, "succeed and proceed" player, everyone is trying to recruit them. Coach Calipari is just better at it than anyone else.

Calipari close to landing an Assistant?

Famed recruiter Barry Rhorssen of Pitt could be on his way to Lexington, we break down his career.

Karl Towns Earns A Poster

This filthy little dunk happened in practice, but it's been heard 'round the world.

The '13-'14 Wildcats are beyond a nickname

Why this year's group of Wildcats deserves one last "Thank you."

How The Wildcats Lost The Battle, But Won The War

You may be disappointed in the loss to UConn, but the present, and future, of Kentucky basketball is brighter than ever.

Kentucky Falls To UConn 54-60

This has been a great race, but sometimes, you finish second.

Midnight Strikes Tomorrow For The 2014 Wildcats

It has been a great ride, but no matter what the outcome of the game tomorrow, shortly after it we will begin saying goodbye.

Wildcats 74, Badgers 73: Party with the Wildcats!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, somehow we have earned the right to play for NCAA Tournament championship #9.


UK Wildcats Basketball: One more day to celebrate

On the eve of the Final Four, a tribute to the one who endowed me with my love for Kentucky basketball

Forget last Saturday - let's remember the joy!

Last Saturday's buzzsaw match against Baylor may have quashed our hopes of seeing UK Hoops FINALLY reach the Final Four, but it was still a terrific season of great basketball. Let's take a moment to celebrate the 2014 Wildcat squad!

Sympathy For Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce of Grantland just can't find much good to say about John Calipari.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

Aaron Harrison played soothsayer a month ago. Not many of us listened. Now, we are on a ride that none of us will forget.

Zen And The Art Of Basketball Fandom

An inquiry into the quality of enjoyment of basketball, and how it can be drudgery, or an enjoyable pastime.

Can Kentucky get past Michigan without Willie?

While the Cats were able to recover from Cauley-Stein's loss against Louisville, you have to wonder how it will impact the game against Michigan.

The Wildcats are Getting Good at Playing Underdogs

The Kentucky Wildcats have found themselves in unfamiliar territory as the NCAA tournament's Cinderella team.

Did Kentucky fans have trouble sleeping like me?

Kentucky's win, caused me problems. I am normally asleep within 3-5 minutes after hitting the sack. Last night, my mind was racing and it would not slow down.

I say, Kentucky can win this thing.

Wichita State's record stands at a glittering 35-0. Do they play to win against Kentucky or do they play not to lose in order to protect that glitter?

ASoB Round Table: NCAA Tournament Edition

A Sea of Blue's front-page authors examine two important questions about the Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky 60, Florida 61: Post Game Thoughts

Kentucky fell just one step short against the Florida Gators on a slippery floor. Next up, the NCAA Tournament.

John Feinstein Should Look In The Mirror

John Feinstein deigns to look down upon John Calipari from his place on Olympus, and declares him egotistical.

Got Apathy?

C'mon, Wildcats fans - Show a little backbone, willya?

Now is the Time

The showdown in Gainesville may be the last opportunity the 'Cats have to show us what they are capable of before the Big Dance.

Clueless Cuban, Silly Stallings

When somebody says "rule x would be better," you have to ask the question, "better for who?"


John Calipari - Take Him As He Is

Some people think John Calipari has changed over the last few years. He hasn't.

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