Pat Forde Vs. Kentucky Fans


In a recent interview, Pat Forde reveals quite a bit about his relationship with the Big Blue Nation.

You Can't Compare Results With Talent


Trying to keep it real months before the season starts.

SEC Going To 3 Permanent Opponents

It's good to see the SEC adding more permanent opponents, both for Kentucky and the league in general.

Calipari is the best coach Kentucky could have


Billy Donovan is a great coach, but no coach fits a program like John Calipari fits Kentucky.



SB Nation unveiled exciting news for many users.

Nerlens Noel Already Turning Heads

Finally back from injury, Nerlens Noel is ready to show everybody that the 76ers got a steal.

Billy Reed Refuses To Live In The Present


The problem with fond remembrance of bygone times is that they are often less rosy than our memories.

Does The JMI Deal Mean A New On Campus Arena?


It's just my opinion, but I don't believe that Kentucky is really interested in building an on-campus facility to replace Rupp Arena. UK says they are keeping their options open.

Rupp Arena Project Back-Burnered


It seems that the Rupp Arena project was too ambitious, and poorly timed.

UK: Remembering the 1993 annhialation of the Vols

"Make no mistake... its not revenge he is after.... it's a reckoning." The Wildcats collected payment on some unacceptable actions of a few weeks prior in Knoxville.

Calipari kicking dogs and being mean to old people

John Calipari spurned the Cavaliers and chose BBN for less money, angered everyone in the process.

Is Calipari Now Too Pricey For The NBA?


John Calipari just signed a contract for more money at Kentucky than all but a very few NBA coaches make.

Kentucky & Louisville have decisions to make

On May 26th, Hatcher and Quick were charged with marijuana possession at Quick’s apartment, according to a Louisville Courier-Journal article by Jeff Greer.

Calipari Gets Well-deserved extension and raise


John Calipari earns a contract extension and a substantial raise. Two trips to the NCAA Tournament finals and one championship in five years will get you that almost every time.

Kentucky Athletics Making Cash


UK Athletics is not in danger of insolvency.

Will O'Bannon Defeat Baseball and Softball?


Unfortunately, the O'Bannon lawsuit is likely to make losers of the good guys.

Rupp Arena Renovation Needs More Baking


The president of the University of Kentucky is rightly concerned about the relatively cavalier and apparently fungible financing plan for the Rupp Arena Renovation project, part of which the...

Duke Fans Just Can't Believe UK Players are Smart


Yeah, they're a Duke blog, which is most of what you need to know. But I can't help poking a little fun.

Jameis Winston's Dad Wants "Supervision" for him


Jameis Winston should not have special handlers and bodyguards to protect him from himself.

Harrison Twins Rejected? Not Likely.


Dan Shanoff writes a strange, ill-conceived article for USA Today that deserves a fisking.

Enjoying the ride


A lot of Kentucky fans, including your humble correspondent, had their expectations meter pegged from day one last season. It's time to dial that thing back and enjoy the ride.

Why the venom for Coach Cal?

John Calipari is widely known as the most polarizing figure in college basketball, my question is why?

Calipari on Character

This excerpt from John Calipari's interview with Bill O'Reilly is definitely worth watching. He explains how character is important to him, and some of the ways he judges it.

The Fan behind "Succeed and Proceed"


Meet UK can René Cornette, she came up with the slogan that Coach Cal decided to brand as the replacement to one and done and threw it on some Nike T-shirts for all to wear.

Truth: Your team wants the "one and done" player.


In today's world of the one and done, or as John Calipari would have it, "succeed and proceed" player, everyone is trying to recruit them. Coach Calipari is just better at it than anyone else.

Calipari close to landing an Assistant?


Famed recruiter Barry Rhorssen of Pitt could be on his way to Lexington, we break down his career.

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