College Football Recruiting

Q&A w/ A Scout On Dupree, Randle, And Recruiting


A Sea of Blue has a Q&A with Pacific Coast Recruits. He talks Bud Dupree, Julius Randle, and football recruiting.

Can Kentucky beat Florida this year?


Kentucky's last win was in 1986, 27 years ago. Another Florida win makes it 28-0, the longest losing streak in this once great land of ours.

Damien Harris captures the recruiting headlines

The Big Blue Nation’s (BBN) love affair and courtship of the nation’s number one running back reached another plateau in the last 24 hours.

Third Yahtzee This Weekend


The second commitment for the 2016 class.


Walker always said that he could see himself recommitting to Kentucky. Now he has.

Will Kentucky's Friday Night Lights shine bright?


July is a big recruiting month for almost all schools and Kentucky is certainly no exception. This weekend, Kentucky will hold its Friday Night Blue Lights camp and there should be a few...

Kentucky Football 2014 Poster - Behind The Scenes


KY Wildcats TV takes us behind the scenes of the new UK Football poster. I'm feeling the fall chill in the air already..

For Kentucky, Harris is the ultimate Muscle Car.


Would a commitment from Damien Harris, the current Rivals number one running back, bring the same recruiting flurry that Drew Barker’s commitment did?

How Did UK Recruits Do At The Opening?


UK recruits competed in the SPARQ championship yesterday, and there is plenty in store for them over the next two days.

Will George Brown commit to UK on the 25th?

George Brown Jr. has the Wildcats in his top five, and he is a big priority for the O-Line.

The Pace Of 2015 Recruiting

How does the pace of football recruit commitments last season stack up to this season?

UK Recruits Participating In Prestigious Showcase


Big-time football recruiting events this week.

Is Kentucky's football recruiting heating up?

There are indications that recruiting momentum is building. Some top notch players and teams have been visiting Lexington and more will be coming.

Conrad and Harris invited to The Opening


Two of the BBN's own have been invited. C. J. Conrad, who has committed to Kentucky, and Damien Harris, the Commonwealth's top recruit.

Recruiting "Buzz Kill" or "Buzz Redistribution?"

Don't be fooled by the slower pace of football recruiting commitments this season. There are very good reasons for it.

Double Yahtzee!


Jabari Greenwood and Darius Fullwood commitment post. Please take your complimentary cocktail and celebrate within.

Have you heard of Emmanuel Greene? You will

Emmanuel Greene, you see, is a soon to be sophomore at Coconut Creek High School in Pompano Beach, FL. He's likely to be the number one player in the 2017 recruiting class and he's a phenomenon....

Double Yahtzee Pending - Two Commits in one day?


Two UK targets are announcing their commitments this Saturday.



UK receives 10th commitment in 2015 class.

Former UK Commit Talks Recruitment


Does UK have a chance to get him back?

Top UK Target Drops Ohio State From His List

A recent tweet and a report seem to confirm that Darius Fullwood, a high-priority target for Kentucky's 2015 class, has dropped Ohio State from his list.

Playing Devil's Advocate


Challenging football groupthink.

Football Recruiting seems to have slowed. Has it?

There doesn’t seem to be much excitement going on with the 2015 recruiting as there was with the 2013 and 2014 cycles. Is it the lack of commitments?

The SEC And Security Dilemmas


Take a seat. Today we're discussing reforms in football recruiting in terms of a classic security dilemma.

The Impact Of The SEC Spring Meetings on UK


Impacts. There are a few.

2016 To Be Banner Year for Recruiting


UK is poised to take advantage of a bevy of in-instate talent in 2016.

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