Sympathy For Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce of Grantland just can't find much good to say about John Calipari.

Mike Bianchi Stink-Bombs Kentucky

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

Calipari's Pre-Louisville Press Conference

John Calipari addressed the media today in regards to the Louisville game tomorrow.

The Dying Art of Sports Journalism: A Postscript

Sports journalism is only in trouble when those from within the institution cannibalize their peers with loaded questions and disingenuous reporting.

The Dying Art Of Sport Journalism

Real journalism in sports is not easy to find these days. There are plenty of bloggers and fans who write, but the attempt at an unbiased perspective is becoming increasingly rare.

Analyzing The Analysis of the UK-UNC Game

What does Kentucky's loss to North Carolina mean? We try to sort it all out.

DeCourcy Indicts Media Hypocrisy

It's about time.

Boston: Home Of Radio Douchebags

Sports shows should be edgy, but this is beyond the pale.

Duke Blog: Calipari Is Paranoid

So John Calipari is paranoid? Seriously?

Coach Cal Talks About Last Season, Next Year

Here, we'll look at what Coach Cal said, and what I think he meant, yesterday.


Ben McLemore's AAU Coach Discloses Payments

What will the latest revelations about Ben McLemore's AAU coach mean for Kansas?

Fools Rush In

Calipari correctly touts his perfect graduation rate of eligible seniors. Detractors are incensed.

The Atlantic Accuses Adolph Rupp of Antisemitism

When allegations of bigotry against African-Americans just isn't enough ...

"Worldwide Wes-backed Calipari?" Seriously?

What the heck, Eamonn?

"Overrated" SEC Continues Domination

All the talk about how the SEC was overrated this year comes crashing into the realities of football fans and sportswriters everywhere.

Kentucky Football: The Wildcats Need More Maxwell Smiths

Is Kentucky getting the kind of players it needs to compete in the SEC? Max Smith and others suggest that maybe it is.

Wildcat Blue Nation's Kyle Tucker on 1340 WBGN

Kyle Tucker of Wildcat Blue Nation joins Ken Howlett and Norm Haney for Wildcat Wednesday on 1340 WBGN.

Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Target Calipari Edition

As we were quietly heading to football season, Captain Ahab (aka Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated) sighted another opportunity to get his Moby Dick (aka John Calipari). Plus, links and news from around the Big Blue Nation.

Former UK running back Anthony White on 1340 WBGN

Listen to former UK running back Anthony White on 1340 WBGN radio.

College Basketball: Peers Say Krzyzewski Gets Recruiting Avantage Coaching USA

Does Mike Krzyzewski get a recruiting advantage from coaching Team USA? His peers overwhelmingly say yes, but there are reasons to be skeptical of the magnitude of it.

Coaches: John Calipari and Scott Drew are too Successful to be Playing Fair

Coaches in CBS's impromptu, anonymous poll finger John Calipari of Kentucky and Scott Drew of Baylor as being perceived as the biggest cheaters in the college game. This is slightly less surprising than the fact that the the sun came up this morning

Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports Claims That Kentucky Coach John Calipari Tried To Get Him Fired

CBS Sports reporter Jeff Goodman claims that John Calipari tried to get him fired.

College Basketball's Most Overrated Coach? Ol' Roy

Nearly 100 of his peers found that Roy Williams of North Carolina was the most overrated coach in college basketball.

Former LSU head coach Dale Brown on 1340 WBGN

Dale Brown will join Ken and Norm Haney for Wildcat Wednesday on 1340 WBGN. We'll talk some college basketball, get Brown's thoughts on the expanded SEC, and talk about "Man in the Glass House,"...

Ira Combs joins us for Wildcat Wednesday on 1340 WBGN

Ira Combs joins the Sportsguys on 1340 WBGN to talk Kentucky football and the aftermath of the Penn State scandal.

Randolph Morris: The latest subject of's "Where are they now?" series

Randolph Morris credits his time at Kentucky for his success - In the lastest "Where are they now?' feature at, Morris opens up about his post-UK basketball life.

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