Kentucky Wildcats Afternoon Quickies: Fourth of July Edition

Bob Levey

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Patrick Patterson signs big contract with Toronto. Four ex-Cats playing in Orlando Summer League. More.

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the Big Blue Nation, and beyond. Take a look at this story, which talks about how the primitive technology for copying during the time of the Founding damaged the Declaration of Independence. Very interesting and enlightening.

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Same to you, Boogie.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Well now, this is interesting — Las Vegas has UK at 100-1 to win the SEC and yet, we aren't the highest odds in the league.

  • Is Kentucky's most important game this season in Gainesville? ESPN says it is. Consider:

    A win against Florida would do just that. The Wildcats haven’t beaten the Gators since 1986 and haven’t won in Gainesville since 1979. That is 27 straight losses. And it will be on the players’ mind leading up to kickoff. If they are looking for a statement win to help turn the program around, this is a prime opportunity.

    I would agree if the game weren't on the road. I think if UK can keep it within a touchdown or so, it'll be enough, as long as the game is actually competitive throughout.

    Getting a statement win against the Gators in Gainesville just doesn't seem that likely to me. Hat tip: NextCats.

  • And The Valley Shook ranks SEC defensive lines. Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly), Kentucky comes off in pretty good shape.

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  • For once, Gary Parish and I agree. John Belein has done a phenomenal job of developing talented, but "lesser" players into NBA first-round draft picks. I found this particularly interesting:

    "We watched Caris, and the biggest thing is that he has an August birthday," Beilein said. "We don't care about what year a player is. We want to know his birthday. When was he born? And Caris has an August birthday. He came to college at 17. … So we looked at Caris [when he was a senior] and said, 'What would he be like if he were a junior right now? Would we be recruiting him? Absolutely.' ... So that was a no-brainer for us, actually."

    I have to admit, this is genius. No, Calipari may never need to use this kind of method to obtain lottery-level talent — this is Kentucky, not Michigan. Still, I really admire guys like Belein who think their way into turning a negative (less interest from the very top tier) into a positive.

  • Chris Dortch takes a look at the SEC starting with Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia and Kentucky. I honestly think that the SEC will be a much better league this season as Georgia and Arkansas returns everybody from 20+ win teams, and of course Florida and Kentucky are always going to be good. Hat tip:

  • Yet another Dookie joins ESPN as an analyst. Pretty soon, there won't be anything else.

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