SB Nation Gives Us One Easy Change for a New Name

Celebrate, celebrate ... - Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

SB Nation unveiled exciting news for many users.

How many times have you laid awake at night and pondered why you didn't think of a more clever username when you joined A Sea of Blue?  None? Me neither although I have occasionally wished I had put something to do with the Kentucky Wildcats in my username.  Maybe just something that simply said 'Cats' would help, but I've never thought about going as far as asking for a change from tech support.

This week, I became aware of a little news. SB Nation recently decided to add a one time easy fix for members to change their username.  Read that again.  A one time easy fix. We could always do it, but not this easily.  It would have taken many emails to tech support, with an absolutely undeniable reason as to why we needed to change our name to get it done.  Then it depended on one of the tech monkeys to deciding that member needed that specific name change when they had much more important things to give thought to like keeping us up and running during the big sports traffic weekend.

I adore that you members here call me a2 (not to be confused with Aaron Harrison's A2).  It has become as much my identity as my real name is. Since I can now change it so easily, I thought I would ask you all if you have any suggestions of a new name for me.  I think it will have a2 in it always, but will include something to say I am a Kentucky Wildcats fan.  I am open to all suggestions and I hope your creative juices are flowing.  I will think long and hard before I click submit on this one. I think that they will consider second changes for someone wanting to use their real name or something like that.

Now before you ask, I don't have a need for my real name to be plastered all over the webosphere.  I have never felt the  need to see my name in the headlines.  I am just a simple human-being that loves sharing the things I encounter in my love of all things that are painted Blue #286 with other human-beings (or non-humans too) that want to discuss this passion I feel.

I'm perfectly fine with staying a2d2. I just thought my name should have some sort of Cat fan tag because that defines me more than anything and it currently doesn't do that very well.  My first draft is a simpler change to a286.  It doesn't have Cats in it, but it's a start since my real name begins with an A. Do you have any suggestions for my new name?

Editor's note:  If you decide to use your one time change, please don't change your profile pic until we notice who you are.   Nothing worse than welcoming a new member that has been here longer that me.

You can also use this post to showcase your new username for ASoB if you so choose.

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