Kentucky Wildcats Evening Quickies: Joel Embiid Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Malik Newman and Diamond Stone talk about recruitment. Golden Flake no longer sponsoring NCAA. More.

Joel Embiid beclowns himself:

< Sigh. >

Tweet of the Day:

Welcome to the NBA, Joel.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Young players that are most likely to contribute next season. Consider:

    The Cats also signed four-star receivers Dorian Baker from Ohio, who is 6-3, 197-pounds, and Blake Bone from South Carolina, who is 6-5, 198 pounds. Those two also made Brown’s most-likely-to-contribute list.

    "We’ve got to have at least one of the big (receivers) step up and be able to contribute this fall," he said. "We’d also like for somebody like Josh Krok to come in and be a factor in that third or fourth tackle position."

  • Missouri QB talks about Mark Stoops’ recruiting.

  • ESPN’s recruiting director thinks Kentucky is poised to make a jump this season, but doesn’t know if that will be reflected in their record.

    I can see that, but I do think it’s important for Stoops & Co. to find at least four wins. Another 2-win season will really hurt Kentucky, so somehow, they have got to find at least two more wins somewhere. I think they will.

  • Today, it’s Mark SToops’ turn in the glare of SEC Media Days. Za’Darius Smith and

  • Kentucky is picked last in the SEC again. I mean, why not, eh? It isn’t as if Kentucky has produced a reason on the field to do otherwise. Until they do, I’d say this is fully justified.

  • Kentucky is awesome in the APR area when it comes to basketball. Unfortunately, football has a troubling downward trend right now that needs to be reversed, and that right soon. Hat tip: @MarkEnnis

  • Too right.

  • Heh. But is it a fortune cookie?

  • Hope for this season?

  • I had a feeling this might be coming:

  • This is a big weekend for UK football recruiting.

Kentucky basketball
Other Kentucky sports
College football
College basketball
  • What Eamonn Brennan would change about college basketball if he were emperor of the NCAA.

    My comments:

    • No to #1. Let them earn money after college. Pay for everything they do while in college.
    • No to #2. Change is a part of life, a part of the world. Trying to say that the NCAA Tournament as currently executed cannot be improved on is head-in-the-sand purblind nonsense. There is always room for improvement in anything.
    • Yes, please, to #3. I realize this would create problems for coaches, but it’s a reform that’s long overdue. If we are going to make athletes wait until after school to earn money (see #1 above), then the least we can do is give them the opportunity to test their marketability without consequence. I would even acquiesce to allowing them to accept reasonable expenses during the effort from professional teams without paying them back.
    • Yes, please, to #4. I think $200k is too low, but $300 or $350 seems fair. Granted, that’s more than the POTUS makes, but that salary is ridiculously, jokingly low and should have been revised upward long ago.
    • No. 5 is just silly to me. No comment
  • Mercer wins the ESPY for best upset. That it was Duke they upset makes it all the sweeter. I wish I could dance like that.

  • Memphis hires father of three elite recruits to their staff. This has been coming for a while now.

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