Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Emmanuel Mudiay Edition

Jonathan Daniel

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Maxwell Smith still not 100%. SEC Media Days continue today. Nerlens Noel tearing up Summer League. More.

Emmanuel Mudiay, who chose SMU over Kentucky, has decided to go professional overseas and skip college altogether, similar to Brandon Jennings and Jeremy Tyler. I think overall this hurts Mudiay’s chances of being the #1 pick next year, but an anonymous NBA scout still thinks it can be done.

I wonder if we’ll be seeing more and more of this as the talk of an increased early-entry age continues. And this was interesting:

Brown also released a statement on the decision.

Emmanuel has decided to pursue professional basketball opportunities," the statement read. "This is not an academic issue, since he has been admitted to SMU, but rather a hardship issue. After talking to Emmanuel, I know he really wants to alleviate some of the challenges his family faces and recognizes that he has an opportunity to help them now.

"While I believe that college is the best way to prepare for life and the NBA, Emmanuel’s situation is unique. We were excited about having him at SMU, but we understand this decision and wish him the best."

Kevin Trahan writing for SB Nation also has a take.

Tweet of the Morning

As predicted.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
College football
College basketball
  • Georgia dismisses Brandon Morris from the basketball team. That’s a big hit to Mark Fox’s hopes for next season, as Morris was a starter.

  • Fred Hoiberg is getting himself a new pacemaker. It’s scary to think that your life depends on batteries like that, but it’s certainly preferable to the alternative.

  • 2015 top-50 player Deng Adel commits to Louisville. I found this funny:

    That sounds true. Not sure why, but he seems to struggle to get the best out of highly-ranked players.

  • So Bill Self talked to the Cavaliers. Big deal.

  • The short answer to this question is, "Yes." What never ceases to amaze me is the insanity of UCLA fans when it comes to Arizona, and how they think Sean Miller is beneath them. Since Miller has been at Arizona, here’s all he’s done:

    Year Vs. UCLA
    2010 2-1
    2011 1-1
    2012 2-1
    2013 0-3
    2014 1-1
    Total 6-7

    That’s not an awesome record, but it’s not bad. Can you imagine what he’d do at UCLA with the power of their tradition and huge recruiting base?

    Also, consider this:

    School 5-star commits (Since 2010)
    Kentucky 16
    Arizona 10
    Duke 7
    Kansas 5
    North Carolina 5
    UCLA 5
Other sports news
  • Detroit Pistons sign Jodie Meeks. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but you can bet this was a nice payday for Jodie. I think he’s in a good place.

  • Where kids learn to cheat:

    Every year my son has been involved in baseball, I see the best of the sport, but I also see adults willingly leading kids down the road of dishonesty and a lack of integrity. Rolled and shaved bats, which accelerate and optimize the break-in process and performance of a composite baseball bat, represent a danger to players and provide an unfair advantage, in violation of league and tournament rules. Yet companies market them actively and kids use them all the time. Age restrictions are broken all the time. Tournaments require proof of age, which is as easily falsified as a driver’s license for a college kid seeking to enter a bar under age.

    There was a time when anyone engaging in this sort of deception would be ostracized. Those days are sadly gone. Nowadays, our kids do no wrong and their failures are someone else’s fault.

  • DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis make the Team USA training camp roster. I hope they both make the team.

  • Andrew Wiggins and Nerlens Noel put up some amazing plays yesterday.

  • Nerlens Noel is possibly the best rookie in the Summer League. This should surprise nobody. We know how good he is.

  • Gregg Doyel thinks the Cavaliers should trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love. Consider:

    My point? That it wouldn’t surprise me – I mean, not even a little bit – if Andrew Wiggins is one of the NBA’s best five players in a few years.

    And still if I’m Cleveland, I’d trade him to Minnesota for Kevin Love.

    Because Love is one of the NBA’s best five players – right now. And LeBron James is 29 years old. And his contract expires in two years. And if I’m Cleveland, and I was very much Cleveland a few days ago when LeBron came home, my No. 1 goal would be to maximize the present to ensure LeBron stays in Cleveland the rest of his career.

    He has a point. But is Wiggins all it would take to get him? I doubt it.

  • Josh Harrellson, Peyton Siva out at Detroit. The NBA is a tough old world. Nice, complimentary stuff on both players from Detroit Bad Boys.

Other news
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