Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: USA vs. Belgium Edition

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News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. UK women's soccer player wins prestigious award. Doron Lamb waived by Orlando, Darius Miller a free agent. A.J. Reed has first minor-league homer. More.

The USA plays Belgium today in the knockout round of the FIFA World Cup. Consider:

Belgium should not be favored over the United States of America in anything but waffles and windmills.

Yes, it's a nation of superior life expectancy, literacy and general happiness … but who cares about those things? Listen, Belgium: You're going to have to step up your senseless homicide and childhood obesity rates before we take you seriously.

This is a complete disgrace to the United States. Sure, soccer hasn't traditionally been the primary sport in our country – even if it was, half our team is from Germany. There has to be a bare minimum standard, however, and having to cower in fear of the mighty Belgians is it.


Tweet of the Morning

Surprising no one. And this:

Your Quickies:

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  • North Carolina releases a statement after receiving news that the NCAA will reopen their investigation of their academics. Basically, it's "No comment."

  • Where the O'Bannon Case goes from here. The crux of the biscuit:

    In her question-and-answer session, Wilken struggled to identify the buyer and seller under O’Bannon’s antitrust theory, and she wondered whether the buyer and seller could at times be the same person. She also seemed unsure as to which economic markets are implicated by NCAA amateurism rules and whether those are the same markets raised by O’Bannon’s complaint. Perhaps most significantly, Wilken did not reject the NCAA’s contention that O’Bannon has not shown antitrust injury unless consumers are harmed by NCAA amateurism rules. O’Bannon’s attorneys know that not every perceived moral wrong or economic inequity is indicative of unlawful conduct. Even if Wilken believes student-athletes are treated unfairly by NCAA amateurism rules, she cannot rule in favor of O’Bannon unless the alleged harm actually violates antitrust law.


    Watch for O’Bannon’s lawyers to simplify their argument in forthcoming filings. They will likely define the relevant market in a straightforward way: Colleges are the buyers and prospective and current student-athletes are the sellers. Through this lens, athletes sell their athletic services to colleges but are denied compensation for the commercial use of their names, images and likenesses. The denial arises because of amateurism rules, which allegedly reveal collusion by the NCAA and its member institutions. O’Bannon’s lawyers will also continue to portray the NCAA’s alleged outcomes of an O’Bannon win as unproven exaggeration and unbelievable fiction.

    Then it's a monopsony, not a monopoly, and Team O'Bannon explicitly refused to change their argument to this despite an invitation from the judge to do so, asserting it is "both." That sounds unconvincing to me.

    Having said that, beware of the term, "equity." Judges have a tendency, in complex cases, to split the baby, to try to set aright a perceived wrong that doesn't quite fit the mold of a legal definition, and allow appellate courts to sort out the heavy lifting.

    SI's Michael McCann, to me, seems to have the best handle of any of the legal commentariat on this issue. I highly recommend you read the whole thing.

  • Rob Dauster wonders if Rashad McCants' claims might be the reason the NCAA reopened the North Carolina case. I'd say yes.

  • Rick Pitino #5 on the list of ESPN's best coaches. It's the off-season. What else are you going to write about?

  • SEC coaches want an NBA minimum draft age increase.

  • Five reasons SEC basketball is on the move. But in which direction? Obviously Kentucky will be good, but what about Auburn? South Carolina? Georgia?

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