Cats and Dawgs and Dukes. OH MY! Combined Baseball-Softball Game Thread and Preview

The roads to Omaha AND Oklahoma City continue today! - USA TODAY Sports

As both Kentucky's softball and baseball teams kickoff at 1 EDT today, we're combining the threads into a single location for easy discussion that should only get a little confusing when the scores are the same. (Hint: A.J. plays for the guys. Christian plays for the gals.) Come join the fun as the BatCats take on Georgia in Athens, and the Hittin' Kittens play JMU, and then a team to be determined.

Once again, I'd like to thank the NCAA for starting both Kentucky baseball and softball games at the same time. It was really fun last night to keep up with 2 games, 2 threads, the Twitter feed, and my drink. Only once did this involve me trying to find the hashtag sign on my UK cup to compliment Kelsey Nunley for that homerun hit against UGA.


Kentucky baseball, which has been going through what some would call "growing pains", and others would call a word I can't type here because we're a family friendly site, traveled to Athens with a serious challenge on their hands. They'll be fighting for the best possible seeding in Hoover for the SEC tourney that starts Tuesday. JLeverenz has the full details in his series preview here, which you need to read to fully understand the impact this weekend could have on the BatCats's post-season.

The Cats have taken the series with back to back shutouts (13-0 Thursday, and 10-0 last night) so now we're playing to take our first series sweep since Cincinnati in early March. Interesting factoid: Kentucky hasn't served up back-to-back shutouts since 1976 against Vandy. We won't know our final seed in Hoover until Sunday but it's safe to say we're no longer the 10th seed.


Kentucky will take on James Madison at 1pm, followed by Ohio vs DePaul at 3:30. Assuming we beat the Dukies we'll get the winner of game 3 Sunday at 1 EDT. (Double elimination is fun!)

The Cats beat Ohio last night 2-0, but that score does not tell the full story. Savannah Jo Dorsey was every bit the pitching threat we feared, but happily our bats were just a bit better. Lauren Cumbess, our fearless firstbase/pitcher/captain extraordinaire nailed her 9th homer of the season. Emily Jolly and Christian Stokes each had singles, while senior Emily Gaines delivered a lead off double.

James Madison is walking into this game with a 45-13 record, and are the winners of the CAA regular season and tournament championship. Their program looks pretty balanced between offense and defense, so the Cats need to come in tight on both fronts.

Until 1 PM, Cats fans, GO BIG BLUE!

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