Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Players First Edition

Jamie Squire

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky softball sweeps Ole Miss. Bat Cats drop series to Missouri 2-1. John Calipari goes on book tour. More

John Calipari will be going on a book tour this week promoting Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out.

Tweet of the Morning

Bubba Watson and I share a love of all things Waffle House.

Your Quickies:

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  • John Calipari will be busy promoting his new book, Players First: Coaching from the Inside Out, which comes out in bookstores on Tuesday.

  • on the release of John Calipari's book.

  • Wildcat Blue Nation asks, "What if the starter at quarterback is Jalen Whitlow?" I say, good on Jalen, he has certainly earned the spot if he gets it, and I don't think Stoops would promote him above Towles, Barker, and Phillips if he hasn't earned the spot.

    But I think that WBN's question was more in regard to Kentucky fans' support. Every season ,there are a parade of fans on the call-in show wanting to see more of Patrick Towles and now Drew Barker, because they are Kentucky kids. I don't think Stoops can afford to care about that even a little bit, and I'm pretty sure he won't.

    Speaking of Phillips, he was all the rage last season, yet this season we haven't heard much about him.

  • Kentucky Sports Connection looks at what's next for the Wildcats considering the 2014 NBA draft.

  • Scary: Karl-Anthony Towns Jr. is still growing, and there is room on his growth plate for three more inches. Hat tip: Aaron's Blog

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  • David Moulton writes for the News-Press that Calipari is right, and that the NCAA is crumbling. The problem is, if it goes the way he describes, basketball and football is unlikely to survive. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

    I personally think it's a shame that, under the rubric of fairness, which in this world is described as athletes being paid in college like professionals, many other deserving athletes, which ironically meet the NCAA ideal, will likely lose their scholarships if all this comes to pass. Then again, perhaps it was always inevitable. People accuse the NCAA of greed, but their greed is mostly directed toward a laudable end — funding scholarships that would otherwise not exist. Can we really say the same about the "pay the players" folks? Isn't paying players at the expense of other student athletes a kind of greed as well?

  • Avery Williamson has made a good impression on NFL scouts.

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