SEC Women's Basketball Tournament: aka "Operation: Git-R-Done"

Let's hope to see a lot of this over the weekend - USA TODAY Sports

The SEC Women's Tournament bracket has been announced, and the Cats have their work cut out for them if they hope to claim the title.

Disclaimer: my company can't ever just call a project/initiative what it is. It always has to have a ridiculous name like "Project Sierra" or "Operation: CONVERSION" or "Yes, We Can! 2013". Apparently this has rubbed off as I couldn't just call this the SEC Women's Tournament: that's boring and logical! Hence "Operation: Git-R-Done". (Because "Operation: OH. MY!" and "Operation: This was not the plan in November!" seemed silly.)

UK Hoops, having wrapped up their season 22-7, 10-6 in the SEC come into the SEC tourney ranked #4th. Great news, we get a first AND second day bye! Bad news...from there we're not going to have an easy road of it. Before we can discuss further, we should look at the full bracket in all its hand-wringing glory.

2014 SEC WBBT Bracket

We won't really know who we're playing until Thursday night so to help you fully prepare for our match against Florida our worthy opponent, please see below for more on Florida our potential adversaries:

#13 Mississippi State: MSU is coming off an 18-12 season, with a 5-11 record in the SEC

  • Key Player to watch: Martha Alwall - Junior Center - Martha leads the team with 15.5 pts a game and is a +50% shooter from the field. Martha was named to the First Team All-SEC roster this week, and was also named Co-Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Stats: MSU is third in the conference in steals, averaging 10 a game, and is in the middle to bottom of the pack on almost every other stat. They average 71 points a game, (SEC rank: 7th), shoot 40% from the field (SEC rank: 12th), and average 16.2 turnovers a game (SEC rank: 8th)

#12 Missouri: Mizzou is coming off a 17-12 season, with a 6-10 record in the SEC.

  • Key Player to watch: Bri Kulas - Senior Forward - Bri leads the team with 18.6 pts a game, and shoots 83% from the charity stripe. She was named to the First Team All-SEC roster this week - the only Mizzou player to land a post-season performance award.
  • Stats: Mizzou leads the conference in 3 point shots, averaging almost 10 pts. a game (37.6%). They also lead the conference in free throw shooting at 76%. They average 70 points a game (SEC rank: 8th), shoot 41% from the field (SEC rank: 11th) and average 16.4 turnovers a game (SEC rank: tied for 6th).

#5 Florida: The Gators are coming off an 18-11 season, with an 8-8 record in the SEC, including two victories over UK

  • Key Player to watch: Jaterra Bonds - Jaterra leads the team with 15.8 pts a game, shoots 82% from the line, and 43 steals season to date. (Good news, she's only 21.6% from 3 point range) She was named to the First Team All-SEC roster this week.
  • Stats: Florida leads the conference in...nothing? Huh...that's a shock. They aren't Miss Congeniality in any stat either. They average 75 pts a game (SEC rank: 3rd), shoot 44% from the field (SEC rank: 5th), and average 16.7 turnovers a game (SEC rank: 5th)

Until Thursday night, Cat fans.....GO BIG BLUE!!!

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