GOG 2013-14 #08: SEC Predictions [Scored]


Conference play begins this week and Kentucky looks to reclaim it's spot at the top. This GOG will ask questions covering the SEC regular season.

Upcoming GOG Schedule

  • Week 8: Mississippi St, Vanderbilt
  • Week 9: Arkansas, Tennessee

Preseason GOG

The Preseason GOG describes the game. Click the link to get more information about how the GOG is played.

Previous GOG Results

GOG #07 is scored. Congratulations to Ken Howlett for winning!

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GOG 2013-14 #08: SEC [Max 40 points]

Answers are due by 8:00 PM on Wednesday, January 8.

Important: All questions refer only to the regular season (the conference tournament is not considered).

  1. List the 4 teams that receive byes in the conference tournament in order from 1 to 4. [1 point each team; 1 point each correct placement] Florida, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee
  2. How many points does UK average in conference play? [4/3/2/1 point] 73.1
  3. How many points does UK allow on average in conference play? [4/3/2/1 point] 67.7
  4. Kentucky plays home-and-home series with Florida, Mississippi St., Arkansas, LSU, and Mississippi.  How many sweeps do they get from those five series?  [4 points; 2 points if within one] 2
  5. How many Wildcats make either 1st team, 2nd team, or Honorable mention All-SEC? [5 points; 3 points if within one; 1 point if within two] 2
  6. What are Julius Randle's averages in Points / Rebounds / FT Attempts against Florida, Tennessee, and Missouri this year (4 total games)?  [3 points each if within one; 1 point if within three] 16.25 / 8.5 / 5.25
  7. Which opponent scores the most points against the Cats in a game this year?  [3 points; 2 points if 2nd most; 1 point if third most] Arkansas (Florida 2nd, Missouri 3rd)
  8. Willie Cauley-Stein is averaging 4.1 blocks per game.  Does he improve that average in conference play? [+/- 1 point] no
  9. Kentucky shot 31.0% on threes in non-conference games.  Do they shoot better or worse in SEC play? [+/- 1 point] better
  10. Do any SEC teams other than Kentucky, Florida, or Missouri become ranked in the AP Top 25 at any point during conference play? [+/- 1 point] no

1 GoLightning 19 129 16
2 knoxcat 18 261 1
2 JLeverenz 18 186 13
4 Wild Weasel 17 227 4
5 kcgard2 16 231 3
5 blupride 16 209 8
7 Ken Howlett 13 140 15
7 BigBlueJeremy 13 25 21
9 BigBlueFever 12 221 6
9 ukcris 12 236 2
9 sweasyf 12 212 7
12 a2d2 11 195 10
12 margiefrancie 11 204 9
14 MetropolisBlue 10 226 5
15 kydamcat 6 191 12
15 hershecat 6 14 25
17 UKWildcats#1 5 175 14
17 CatinTheLou 5 195 10
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