2014 NCAA Tournament

How The Wildcats Lost The Battle, But Won The War


You may be disappointed in the loss to UConn, but the present, and future, of Kentucky basketball is brighter than ever.

Kentucky vs. Connecticut: Postmortem

Kentucky falls short in the last game of the season.

Kentucky Falls To UConn 54-60


This has been a great race, but sometimes, you finish second.

UK 31, UConn 35: Second Half Game Thread


Twenty more minutes of basketball left in the season. Can the Wildcats come from behind one more time?


Kentucky vs. Connecticut: Live Game Thread

This is what we live for, Big Blue Nation. Let's cheer the team to #9!

Kentucky vs. UConn: NCAA Championship Preview


It's a battle of two great basketball traditions in Arlington, Texas tonight. Who has the edge?

The Alex Poythress Filthy And-1

You know, this ridiculous play just hasn't gotten enough attention. We're too busy talking about the team and NCAA Tournament title. Let's talk about this freaking dunk.

Midnight Strikes Tomorrow For The 2014 Wildcats

It has been a great ride, but no matter what the outcome of the game tomorrow, shortly after it we will begin saying goodbye.

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin Postmortem


Kentucky did some good things, and some bad things. In the end, they did enough.

Wildcats 74, Badgers 73: Party with the Wildcats!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, somehow we have earned the right to play for NCAA Tournament championship #9.

'Cats 36, Badgers 40 - Second Half Game Thread


That wasn't a great half, but it was serviceable. We are right where we need to be.


Kentucky vs. Wisconsin: Live Game Thread

We expected to be here at the beginning of the season, didn't expect to at the end, and now we've come full circle.

Final Four Game One: Open Game Thread


This is your open game thread for game one of the Final Four.

Kentucky vs. Wisconsin: Final Four Game Preview


Kentucky has played through the top seeds in the Midwest Region. Now they must take on one of the top seeds from the Western Regional in Wisconsin to get to the 2014 NCAA Tournament final.

Is Wisconsin the underdog?

Kentucky will be wearing the blue uniforms while Wisconsin will wear white, representing the higher seed. Wisconsin, however, seemingly has the underdog mentality, So, who is it?

UK Wildcats Basketball: One more day to celebrate


On the eve of the Final Four, a tribute to the one who endowed me with my love for Kentucky basketball

Analyzing The Recent Improvement In The Wildcats

Kentucky has been winning in the post season on the strength of their offense.

Previewing Wisconsin With B5Q

Bucky's 5th Quarter talks about Wisconsin basketball, and answers questions about the Final Four contest between Kentucky and Wisconsin on Saturday.

Sympathy For Charles Pierce


Charles Pierce of Grantland just can't find much good to say about John Calipari.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride


Aaron Harrison played soothsayer a month ago. Not many of us listened. Now, we are on a ride that none of us will forget.

Zen And The Art Of Basketball Fandom


An inquiry into the quality of enjoyment of basketball, and how it can be drudgery, or an enjoyable pastime.

Kentucky vs. Michigan: Postmortem

This was a game of offense. Defense took the night off for both teams.

Wildcats To The Final Four


Can we say, "dynasty" now? I don't think so, but if Louisville could, I guess we can, too.

UK 37, Michigan 37: Second Half Game Thread


Kentucky and Michigan are mixing it up in a dogfight. The game is reset at even.

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