SEC Power Poll: Week 2 - Georgia Is For Real

Not like last year, eh Clowney? - Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This was an interesting week. We learned that Georgia is no fraud, and Arkansas just might be.

Here we are at week 2 of the college football season, and several SEC teams either lost or performed in less-than-impressive ways this past weekend. So lets get right to my ballot:

Rnk Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Remarks
1 Alabama
1-0 52.51 35-10 25 1 at Texas A&M Bye week.
2 Texas A&M
2-0 60.37 117-59 29 6 Alabama Okay, so TAMU allows an FCS team to score 28 on them?
2-0 50.63 93-44 24.5 8 Kent State 56-17 is convincing enough to me.
4 Georgia 1-0 1-1 57.96 76-68 4 9,10 Sep 21, North Texas The Dawgs kept Jadeveon Clowney at bay.
5 South Carolina 0-1 1-1 61.12 57-51 3 13,14 Vanderbilt Is the Gamecock secondary now considered suspect?
6 Florida
1-1 61.43 40-27 6.5 18,20 Sep 21, Tennessee 1-for the red zone is a recipe for disaster.
7 Mississippi 1-0 2-0 60.79 70-48 11 25 at Texas Southeastern Missouri St. gets 17 first downs against the Ole Miss defense? Really?
8 Arkansas
2-0 52.71 65-35 15 33 Southern Mississippi Even we at Kentucky are not impressed.
9 Tennessee
2-0 57.8 97-20 38.5 39,43 at Oregon Five takeaways will win you almost every game.
10 Mississippi State
1-1 77.39 54-28 13
at Auburn So the Bulldogs can score. Who'da thunk it after last week.
11 Auburn
2-0 55.35 69-33 18
Mississippi State Okay, Auburn, you are definitely better than last year.
12 Missouri
2-0 47.35 96-37 29.5
Sep 21, at Indiana Turnovers thwarted Toledo's upset bid. Mizzou is fortunate to get this one.
13 Vanderbilt 0-1 1-1 42.45 73-42 15.5
at South Carolina Ate a cupcake, but they didn't allow them to score 28. Just sayin'.
14 Kentucky
1-1 44.03 67-42 12.5
Louisville Significantly improved in every area but penalties and special teams.


  • I'm not really sure, at this point, if Texas A&M's defense is good enough to challenge for the West. Yes, Johnny Football is still awesome, but you have to stop somebody.

  • We will find out a lot about both TAMU and Alabama this weekend.

  • Arkansas was significantly less impressive than last week.

  • Is Mizzou really an SEC team, or a Big 12 imposter?

  • Can Kentucky score enough points to win an SEC game with their weakness on defense?

  • LSU just might be deserving of the top spot, but I don't think we've seen enough to dethrone Alabama yet.

  • Is Tennessee that good, or did Western just lay an egg?

What do you think?

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