SEC Power Poll: Post-Week 5 Ballot

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama is still at the top of our ballot, and Kentucky is still at the bottom.

This is your post-week 5 SEC Power Poll ballot. Not much has really changed except for LSU and Georgia largely swapping places. Texas A&M continues to do it without defense, and Georgia with only a little defense. Alabama might be rounding into form defensively, and Missouri has yet to play anybody of note.

With that said, here is the ballot.

Rank Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Comments
1 Alabama 2-0 4-0 51.49 140-58 20.5 1 Georgia State Is the Tide defense coming around?
2 Georgia 2-0 3-1 61.66 165-130 8.8 6 at Tennessee Defense is for basketball teams, not for Georgia. They can score 40+ on anybody, it seems
3 Texas A&M 1-1 4-1 57.46 246-154 18.4 9 Oct 12, at Mississippi They score more than Georgia, but their defense is even more porous.
4 LSU 1-1 4-1 56.23 214-122 18.4 10,11 at Mississippi State The Tigers just ran into a better offensive team that they couldn't stop often enough.
5 South Carolina 1-1 3-1 59.55 120-101 4.8 13,12 Kentucky The Gamecocks didn't look all that game against UCF. Sign of trouble?
6 Florida 2-0 3-1 62.48 95-51 11 18,19 Arkansas Stalwart defense and an offense that just plays keep-away.
7 Mississippi 1-1 3-1 53.76 114-96 4.5 24,26 at Auburn Could not score on the same Crimson Tide that gave up 42 to Texas A&M, and 10 to Virginia Tech.
8 Missouri
4-0 53.45 182-84 24.5 30,31 at Vanderbilt A littany of nobodies so far, and now they ease into SEC play with … Vanderbilt? The schedule from heaven.
9 Auburn 1-1 3-1 52.41 114-88 6.5
Mississippi Bye week
10 Vanderbilt 0-2 3-2 47.37 174-108 13.2
Missouri This is not last year's Vanderbilt team. Their defense is looking very suspect.
11 Mississippi State 0-1 2-2 59.07 136-59 19.3
LSU Bye week
12 Tennessee 0-1 3-2 61.97 159-134 5
Georgia A 31-24 victory against South Alabama has the Vol faithful wondering who this team is.
13 Arkansas 0-1 3-2 58.64 146-111 7
at Florida We knew TAMU's defense was weak, but the Razorbacks are a bit surprising offensively.
14 Kentucky 0-1 1-3 56.02 87-93 -1.5
at South Carolina The defense is showing signs, but the offense isn't.

Your comments are most welcome.

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