SEC Power Poll Post-Week 3: Alabama Driving The Train

Alabama may be tops, but LSU is charging. - Stacy Revere

Yes, Alabama proved its worth, but not overwhelmingly.

What we know about this week:

  • Alabama is still very good;

  • Johnny Football is your new Heisman leader;

  • Tennessee is ... not good at defense. Either that, or Oregon is the greatest offensive juggernaut in history.

Here's my ballot:

Rnk Team cWL W-L SoS PF-PA MoV Polls Next opponent Remarks
1 Alabama 1-0 2-0 52.57 84-52 16 1 Colorado State I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. They did win in college station, and that's no mean feat.
3-0 51.55 138-57 27 6,7 Auburn You have to like what we've seen from this team.
3 Georgia 1-0 1-1 58.7 76-68 4 9,10 North Texas Bye week
4 Texas A&M 0-1 2-1 63.21 159-108 17 10,9 Southern Methodist Noble effort, but their defense is … not worthy. Johnny Football is a god.
5 South Carolina 1-1 2-1 56.15 92-76 5.3 12,13 Sep 28, at Central Florida Hmmm. The Force does not really seem to be with them.
6 Mississippi 1-0 3-0 54.43 114-71 14.3 21,22 Sep 28, at Alabama Beating Texas in Austin is … worthy.
7 Florida
1-1 57.16 40-27 6.5 19,18 Tennessee Skeptical. Bye week. Still skeptical.
8 Auburn 1-0 3-0 57.92 93-53 13.3 33,34 at LSU Nice victory. Don't get cocky.
9 Arkansas
3-0 57.58 89-38 17 37,30 at Rutgers C'mon, for God's sake, play somebody.
10 Mississippi State 0-1 1-2 68 74-52 7.3
Troy The offense is officially dead. Can the defense score?
11 Missouri
2-0 48.06 96-37 29.5
at Indiana Just … whatever.
12 Tennessee
2-1 55.83 111-79 10.7
at Florida Well, now we know. Great defense, by the way.
13 Vanderbilt 0-2 1-2 36.46 98-77 7
at Massachusetts Lost tough against two good teams, beat the cupcake. Par for the course.
14 Kentucky
1-2 41.72 80-69 3.7
Sep 28, Florida Kentucky put up a fight, which is more than you can say about the Vols.
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