Kentucky Football - Why Marcelys Jones is a possibility for a flip

Can Kentucky steal one from the B1G? - USA TODAY Sports

Everyone who follows UK’s football recruiting knows that the Cats have been trying to flip Marcelys Jones from Ohio State. We know he’s intrigued with the SEC and Kentucky is the closest SEC school to his home in Cleveland.

Urban Meyer has brought a taste of the SEC to the B1G and went 12-0 last year, but was not eligible for a bowl game due to Jim Tressel’s marketing transgressions. This year, however, the Buckeyes will be a serious contender for a national championship game. His team is loaded with talent and the offensive line is no exception.

Marcelys Jones is one of four OL commitments and he was the first OL to commit. Cleveland's Glenville Academic Campus is one of the Ohio State feeder programs. In spite of that, Kentucky has continued to recruit him with Vince Marrow as the primary guy.

The big question is whether or not Jones is a true flip candidate? One way of telling is by looking at the Buckeye's offensive linemen on their roster and also the offensive linemen who have committed to play in Columbus. I'm sure the Kentucky coaching staff wishes they had Ohio State's problem.

Folks, this is what depth looks like.


Ivon Blackman – Bedford, OH – 6-3, 320 – Transfer - Robert Morris – 2009 Unrated & unranked by Rivals

Corey Linsley – Youngstown, OH (Boardman) – 6-3, 297 – 2009 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Jack Mewhort – Toledo, OH (St. John’s Jesuit) - 6-7, 308 - 2009 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Andrew Norwell – Cincinnati, OH (Anderson) – 6-6, 319 – 2010Rivals (5.9) 4 star


Darryl Baldwin – Solon, OH – 6-6, 307 – 2010 Rivals (5.7) 3 star

Eric Kramer – Cincinnati, OH (St.Xavier) – 6-4, 295 - 2010 Unrated & unranked by Rivals

Ben St. John – Elmore, OH (Woodmore) – 6-3, 290 - 2010 Unrated & unranked by Rivals

Antonio Underwood – Shaker Heights, OH (Shaker Heights) – 6-3, 310 – 2011 Rivals (5.6) 3 star


Jacoby Boren – Pickerington, OH – 6-2, 287 – 2012 Rivals (5.6) 3 star

Tommy Brown – Akron, OH – 6-4, 310 – 2010 Rivals (5.6) 3 star

Taylor Decker – Vandalia, OH – 6-7, 315 – 2012 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Chase Farris – Elyria, OH (Elyria) – 6-4, 300 – 2011 Rivals (5.8) 4 star


Kyle Dodson – Cleveland, OH – 6-6, 324 - 2012 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Pat Elflein – Pickerington, OH (Pickerington North) – 6-2 293 – 2012 Rivals (5.5) 3 star

Logan Gaskey – Long Gove, IL (Stevenson) – 6-5, 290 - Unrated & unranked by Rivals

Evan Lisle – Centerville, OH (Centerville) – 6-6, 290 – 2013 Rivals (5.9) 4 star

Ben Moffitt – Shelby Township,MI (Eisenhower) – 6-3, 300 – 2013 Unrated & unranked by Rivals

Billy Price – Youngstown (Austintown Fitch) – 6-4, 305 – 2013 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

2014 Commitments

Marcelys JonesCleveland, Ohio (Glenville) – 6-4, 354 – 2014 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Jamarco Jones – Chicago, IL (De La Salle) – 6-5, 295 - 2014 Rivals (5.9) 4 star

Demetrius Knox – Forth Worth, TX (All Saints Episcopal) – 6-4, 287 – 2014 Rivals (6.0) 4 star

Kyle Trout – Lancaster, OH (Lancaster) – 6-6, 280 – 2014 Rivals (5.8) 4 star

Trout is ranked #18 at Tackle; Jamarcus Jonesis ranked #12 at Tackle; Knox is ranked #1 at Guard; Marcelys Jones is #8 at Guard. That’s pretty stout.

Some questions beg to be asked. With the plethora of offensive linemen, will these 2014 recruits be asked to red shirt? Most of the varsity players listed above have a red shirt season. How in the world did the Buckeyes build this kind of depth? Just how much is Marcelys Jones intrigued in the SEC? We know he came to visit UK along with Marshon Lattimore and Eric Smith. We know we have an outside shot at Lattimore. We may not get him, but we’re in the hunt. I don’t know about Smith, he’s probably a tOSU guy.

Can Vince convince?

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