Kentucky Football: 2014 Football Schedule Out Today

Charlie Strong and Tom Jurich finally get it right. - USA TODAY Sports

Okay, this is awesome. This is doable. This schedule has all kinds of goodness.

Thanks to Larry Glover Live for alerting me of the fact that Kentucky's football schedule for 2014 is out. Here it is, with some instant analysis for you. But before I start that, just let me point out — Louisville has been moved to the end of the season, and I love that. More on that later.

  • Aug. 30 - UT Martin

    Let's just say we should win this game.

  • Sept. 6 - Ohio University

    Ditto the above That was hasty.  This game could be pretty difficult.

  • Sept. 13 - at Florida

    Assuming that the Gators are the same as ever, this one looks tough. I have never seen, in the last 20 years, UK play well in the Swamp. We may be better, but unless we get lucky in Commonwealth this year, this looks like an extension of the losing streak. 2015 looks like our best shot to end it.

  • Sept. 20 - open

    I think we'll handily win this ... oh, wait ...

  • Sept. 27 - Vanderbilt

    Time to pay back that 40-0 defeat. That was here, you say? Well, whatever.

  • Oct. 4 - South Carolina

    Mmmm, tasty. Jadeveon Clowney will be playing on Sundays, and maybe, just maybe, this is one we can get.

  • Oct. 11 - ULM

    This could be tough. ULM is usually really good. I think we'll win, but this is no gimme.

  • Oct. 18 - at LSU

    Not likely.

  • Oct. 25 - Mississippi State

    Very possible. In fact, darn likely that Kentucky can win this one.

  • Nov. 1 - at Missouri

    Hard to say. Road games are tough, but this should be one of the more winnable road games.

  • Nov. 8 - Georgia

    We've played the Dawgs tough every time lately in Commonwealth. I rank this one as a game we could steal. Not likely, but remotely possible.

  • Nov. 15 - at Tennessee

    By this time, under Butch Jones, I expect the Vols to be pretty tough. Unlikely.

  • Nov. 22 - open

    Fool me once ...

  • Nov. 29 - at Louisville

    Okay, this is freaking amazing. I never expected to see this, but let me say that I totally praise both schools for doing this. Right here is where the best rivalry games are played, and I think it's about darn time we made this football rivalry as meaningful as basketball.

    South Carolina-Clemson. Georgia-Georgia Tech. Alabama-Auburn. Florida-Florida St. All these games happen at or near the end of the season for a reason, and it's great to see UK and U of L finally get it right. I have been frustrated for years at those who want the rivalry game as the first one, and now, I finally, finally get the last laugh.


    I want to just add that this is one of the tougher non-conference schedules we've  had, three very worthy opponents.  I'll also point out that,while the SEC schedule is much more favorable than this year, it is still very, very tough.  But this at least gives UK a chance to have a decent year and get back to winning some football games.  If we don't take advantage of it, shame on us.

    We've talked the talk, now we gotta walk the walk.

    UPDATE:  Added a belated poll.

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