Your NCAA at Work: Caught Selling Individual Player Jerseys and Memorabilia on Their Own Website

I am afflicted with my own personal demons, and one of them is Mark Emmert, current President of the NCAA. It seems as if every week we read of a new show trial, or a convoluted adjudication of some trumped-up transgression, or some new outrage or the other that is presided over by this person.

Lord, I despise these hypocrites.

We UK fans who may occasionally get our tinfoil hats out of the closet have no problem believing that Emmert, if he could, would slap UK with The Big One because of the emotional baggage he carries from his days as President at University of Washington, over UK’s enticing Terrence Jones and Enis Kanter away from the Huskies.

Now we learn that the NCAA has been selling individual players’ jerseys and team-related memorabilia on the NCAA’s own website. In the immortal words of the feckless villain Vizzini (The Princess Bride), "Inconceivable."

Here’s a link to the ESPN story that says "NCAA president Mark Emmert on Thursday said college sports' governing body would stop selling individual jerseys and other team-related memorabilia on its website, calling the practice a "mistake" and admitting others might view it as hypocritical."

"The NCAA's decision comes on the heels of ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas exposing the controversial enterprise on Twitter earlier this week. Bilas criticized the NCAA for selling jerseys of popular college basketball and football players on its website."

These people are the self-appointed Keepers of the Ethical Flame in college athletics. The High Priests. What kind of arrogant institutional mindset would even entertain such an idea in the first place?

How could they ever think no one would find the practice perhaps even a bit questionable? And can anyone believe the decision to launch this stupid enterprise wasn’t approved all the way at the top?

And these are the untouchable elites who are running college sports and are running around with the Death Penalty card in their pocket.

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