Running Commentary on Day 2 of SEC Media Days


I tuned in at 10:30 and wish I hadn't. ESPN should get an awful announcing award and maybe even the Pam Ward Award.

Texas A&M’s Sumlin started off the day. I didn’t get to see it. I have been listening to Johnny Football and he’s just finished. Stoops is up next in four minutes.

ESPN? Not impressed with the announcers opinions on Manziel. Platitudes. Politically correct commentary. Boring. They talk a lot and don’t really say much. I may fall asleep before Stoops comes on.

Commercial Break – five more minutes of lies and BS silence. Watching on the internet makes life worthwhile. Five minutes of silence has me humming Simon & Garfunkel.

Guess I was wrong…. Now there are the two consecutive Under Armour commercials. Now Outback Steakhouse.. We’ve gone back to silence…" And the People bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made." END BREAK.

We’re listening to the BS leading up to Stoops. These guys act like they know what’s going on, but how do they know Max Smith is going to start? They’ve been reading Athlon or somebody or something. I think we’re going to another commercial break….I hope….please!.... Nope.

Breaking News: Stoops is 8 minutes late! No commercial relief, just more BS from these announcers. Back to talking about how Stoops needs to do his job. Here we go!

Opening remarks: Stoops was very gracious.Glad to be a part of the SEC. He’s encouraged with fan support and cites the Spring game. Talks about his staff. On to the questions:

Q: Savannah Dispatch: Talk about your brother’s comments about the SEC

A: The SEC speaks for itself.

Crappy first question and Stoops showed some minor irriatation with the question.

Tuscaloosa News: Three QB’s where do they stand.

A: We’re working through a process of selection. All three are good enough to play. The problem is building a strong support around them.

Q: Some guy asks about the recruiting base. Can you win with just Kentucky kids.

A: We are expanding our base to Ohio and are also working the South while trying to get the best Kentucky kids to stay home. We're going to continue working Florida and we're pleased with our efforts in Ohio.

We need to upgrade our talent to compete against Florida and South Carolina and Georgia.

Q: Question was asked about Inherited talent?

A: We need to get better. We need to improve…our job is to work with the players and develop what talent we have.

Talked about how impressive Williamson is.

Q: Tyler Thompson at KSR….Are you temporing expectations of new recruits.

A: We like our momentum in recruiting. Recruits have to belief in what we’re doing and where we want to go. They know what we were and what we have done.

Q: Asked if he knows Petrino and WKU

A: Doesn’t know Bobby Petrino…expects a good game though.

Q: Larry Vaught: asked about fan expectations vs real expectations.

A: Educated fans know where we stand. Stoops wants the excitement. We’re going to compete and give the effort. He's very glad the fans are excited.

Q: Offense and defense:

A: It is a balancing act. It will be tough to watch when things aren’t going well for the offense.. Tempo of the offense is on Neal Brown.

Q: Recruiting: Relationship with Coach Craig (Auburn)?

A: Praises Craig. Relationship good. Neither fears competition.

Q: Asked about basketball heritage and if UK being a basketball school helps or hurts.

A: High praise for Calipari. A lot of history and tradition and basketball has earned its following and support. If we put out a good product, UK fans will show up for football. Praise for UK fans, but we have to do our part.

Q: Asked about coaches saying there needs to be time for substitution on defense against up-tempo teams.

A: Says the Up-tempo makes it difficult on defense, but I like it from the offensive side. Mixed feelings.

Q: Is WKU most important game of the season?

A: Stoops agrees since it is HIS first game. Then the next game is the most important.

Q: How much did you learn from Jimbo Fisher about being a head coach?

A: Fisher taught him how to structure a program and a recruiting plan, but he's learn from other coaches as well.

Q: What about the defense?

A: Need to be flexible defensively

Q: asks if up-tempo offenses causes more injuries?

A: He hasn’t seen any evidence of it. Give us best opportunity to move the football.

Q: John Clay: Surprised by success in Ohio?

A: Yes. It’s been good and hopes it continues.

Q: Asked if team confidence was down when he arrived at UK.

A: Need to rebuild confidence at UK. Said the confidence was bad at FSU when he became DC. He felt like the Cats were beat down. Says we’re making strides in confidence and performance.

Q: What are recruits saying?

A: Recruits know what going on and what's happened in the past. They feel the excited fanbase.

Q: Asked if he'll have to rely on Sanders.

A: Talks about Sanders – very good player and we need to lean on him and other RBs.

He’s through – back to awful announcing.

Repeating Manziel I’m outta here since they aren’t carrying the UK players.

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