So a Week Ago Friday I Had a Couple Drinks

Well not exactly. I had a couple wines before seven and a couple Bookers after ten and in between I had a couple of each but not exactly sure when I switched from wine to Bookers and how many pairs of each. So saying I had a couple was right, but not exactly right.

What happened was we had a neighborhood get together and I meet a fellow from Johnson City and we got to talking about sports (he was puke orange unfortunately), music, (he knew who Chris Knight was and most of the words to Wagon Wheel) politics (he was on the right side) and the IRS.

So like happens, one thing (like your mother said about beer) leads to another and the next thing you know you not only have surpassed your normal consumption, but your allowed maximum. In fact I was so over the maximum that when I went inside, I not only decided to listen to some loud music and wake up the sleeping wife but I foolishly decided to check in with A Sea of Blue among other sites. Then I demonstrated the very bad judgment of posting something on ASOB and that something contained a four letter word. I apologize for that word. I don’t usually speak or write that way. Well, it could be worse.

Actually it got worse. After posting on A Sea of Blue I decided to respond to a couple of President Obama’s recent tweets. My subsequent conversation would probably have been shorter if I hadn’t asked the particular agent calling if when outside the US he preferred his illegal prostitutes to be over or under the age of 18. Bad, bad move.

Corn does change one's risk perception.

Saturday was a very long day and I thought I was going to die at yoga and then on Sunday we began driving to California. I paid for that Friday night.

But I don’t apologize for the sentiment because I am dadgum tired of folks saying Kentucky will be awful this year, that they might not win two games, that they can’t beat anyone in the SEC. Now all of that could be true, but likely isn’t and here is why: In any system the easiest improvements to achieve are those resulting simply from making a change. Go check out Frederick Taylor for this classic example: increase the lighting in the factory and productivity went up. Decrease the lighting and productivity went up. Of course neither improvement was sustained, but it happened.

This is the perfect analogy for UK football. The 2013 team will improve over the 2012 team simply because a change was made. As my good friend Bluehound said: teach folks to tackle and block and look for the ball and you will get better results.

Or as I like to think of it new coaching means: QB play will be better, play selection better, defensive scheme better, physical and mental preparation better, leadership better, conditioning better, organization better, toughness better, mentality better. Everything will be better and nothing worse.

All of this results from a willingness to change and change means more wins. To sustain the progress and move to the next level in 2014 will require more talent, but for now we have enough talent to win 7 in 2013.

That is what I think and I am sticking to it. Got to go. I think that agent is at the door with an answer to my question about the prostitutes.

But I do apologize for that word. I wouldn't patronize this site if folks wrote that way and won't do it again.

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