Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Waiting For Wiggins Edition

Maegan Conwright is returning to Texas. - Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Andrew Wiggins deciding soon, but nobody knows his likely destination. UK Hoops loses a former starter to transfer. Softball loses to South Carolina, out of SEC Tournament. More.

And we wait. And wait.

Will the Andrew Wiggins watch ever end? Yes, probably in the next 6 days. After that, the game changes a bit, but no matter what, there will be at least four open scholarships for him.

Tweet of the Morning:


Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Brad Woodcock at Ky Cat Stats picks his top 25 UK basketball players of all time. Do you agree or disagree (via Hank)?

  • "Decision 2013?" Seriously?

  • Eammon Brennan has a pretty good piece on Andrew Wiggins and how he fits in with the teams on his list. Consider this:

    Let’s try to wrap our heads around that: Kentucky would have arguably had the best recruiting class of all time before the No. 3 player in the country [Julius Randle] signed. And now let’s take another deep breath and think about what that means in a world in which Wiggins is still (A) undecided and (B) strongly considering Kentucky.

    It doesn’t compute. It can’t compute, which is probably why, as each and every new Wildcat has lined up to play for John Calipari in the past 12 months, we’ve heard so many people so confidently state that Wiggins can’t possibly attend UK. Too many guys. Not enough minutes. It can’t work. My brain hurts. Make this stop. And so on.

    Brennan asks the question, What if Wiggins is "transcendent?" It would take a major mental upgrade for that to happen – possible, but not betting-favorite possible.

    Now, if we could transplant Julius Randle’s brain into Wiggins’ body, that player would be transcendent.

  • Andy Katz at ESPN talks Kentucky. I love this quote from Coach Cal:

    "There will be a lot of teams ahead of us, but we’ll be deeper and the bench will be a great friend of mine,‘’ said Calipari, who with such a loaded squad will be able to hold playing time over players’ heads throughout the season."I’ll be able to play like we played at Memphis. We’ll be pressing and getting after people because we have more people. We’re going to have competition.’’ [My emphasis]

Other UK sports
College football
  • Is Louisville football overrated coming into 2013?

    Louisville may very well be talented enough to warrant a top-five ranking, but if the Cardinals take care of business and win every game – they will likely be favored every week – will we really ever know how good they actually are? It will be November, they’ll beat Houston and Memphis, and we’ll still be thinking back to the previous January against Florida as the best evidence that the Cardinals belong among the sport’s best.

    This is the sad truth of how early rankings work. Remember Kentucky basketball last year, #3 in the land early and failing to make the NCAA Tournament? Painful, I know, but Louisville is going to be the recipient of something similar this year in football.

  • Joker Phillips is getting coverage for his mad tweets. Seems Phillips has gone all in on Twitter. I myself think Twitter is the Devil (via Hank).

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution talks to some head coaches, including Mark Stoops, about the utility of Twitter. I loved Spurrier’s quote:

    South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier: "I’m not on Twitter but our assistant coaches are. I’ve just never gotten into it. I guess I’ve been doing this for 28 years now, and I’ve never thought it was a huge advantage to put your business on the street. I guess there are some recruiting advantages, and we do use it. I just don’t use it personally."

    The Ol’ Ball Coach knows the same thing I know about Twitter:

    Twitter is just like little girls: Sweet, short, cute, and… The Devil!

  • Very early college football division odds.

  • Contra Bob Stoops, the SEC cellar tends to be better than those of any other power conference.

College basketball
  • What does this mean?

    Looks like the NCAA Rules Committee won’t reduce the shot clock, but it will issue directives to make the block-charge call more offense-friendly and implore officials to call more fouls for hand-checking and physical play.

    "Implore officials?" Don’t you think that’s the problem? The NCAA should be able to instruct officials to do this or find another job. And didn’t we try this "hand-checking" thing before?

  • "Not a lot of momentum" to change the shot clock in college basketball. That’s surprising to me.

  • Andy Katz’s 3-point shot.

  • Utah State’s Athletics Director to be the NCAA Chair for 2013-14.

  • Some people go to Disneyland after winning a championship. Rick Pitino went fishing in the Bahamas, and caught a big one.

Other sports news
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