Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Found At Last Edition

Mitch Barnhart is against a 9-game SEC schedule in football. - US PRESSWIRE

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Two women missing for a decade finally found alive. Running back Justin Taylor to transfer. UK Golf selected to NCAA Regional. More.

Today brings us news that two young women who have been missing for ten years have turned up safe. Apparently, they were kidnapped, and alerted authorities via a 911 call.

Tweet of the Morning:

I know I will.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
Kentucky basketball
  • Scott Coleman, writing for SB Nation:

    There comes a point, though, when it takes too much time to decide. He’s met with the coaches of his perspective schools more times than he can count. He’s visited all of the campuses. He knows what the rosters will look like at each school next year.

    So my question is, when is that "point … when it takes too much time?" If May 15th comes and goes, he’ll miss the opportunity to sign an LOI. But if he shows up in Chapel Hill, Lawrence, Tallahassee or Lexington in August, what are they going to do, turn him away?

  • Oh, so it’s "Uncle Wes" now. Heh. KSR

  • CBS’ Jon Rothstein breaks down the odds of Wiggins’ commitment. Rothstein favors FSU.

Other UK sports
College football
  • Testimony in Shapiro’s bankruptcy case could help the NCAA against Miami:

    According to the Sun Sentinel, some of Torres’ testimony could benefit the NCAA’s case against Miami because it backs some of Shapiro’s claims regarding improper benefits for athletes. Torres confirmed the purchase of a 69-foot yacht that was used to host parties with UM athletes, as well as the involvement of attorney Marc Levinson in violating NCAA rules.

    See, NCAA? All you had to do is wait for the rats to abandon the sinking ship.

  • Mark Stoops’ brother Bob, coach of Oklahoma, says no way media should be allowed on College Football Playoff selection committee.

    I totally agree. The media is anything but trustworthy, the sports media no less than the rest of it.

College basketball
  • Another perspective on the McLemore matter. I think the author is right to draw comparisons with Marcus Camby at UMass, this seems to be an analogous situation. The big question is what the tickets to the agent will have to say about Kansas’ compliance efforts. It seems to me that they should have been curious about who this guy was.

    Rob Dauster has more on this story at NBC, but he seems not to have carefully read the original story, which answers many of the questions he raises. Also this:

    Because until there is proof that Cobb was working at the behest of McLemore and his family, he’s just another hanger-on looking to cash in on a payday for having a potentially-exploitable relationship with a soon-to-be profitable athlete.

    … is not right. Cobb was a known associate of McLemore’s, having known the family since the sixth grade. Just as that relationship allows him to, for instance, loan the family money, the NCAA also considers him a part of the family if he takes money in connection with McLemore.

    On the other hand, Chris Johnson at Rush The Court just throws up his hands. Not a bad idea…

  • Jarrod Polson, college graduate. Congratulations.

  • Kansas mum on McLemore.

Other sports news
  • 4x100 meter relay team disqualified in Texas because a team member pointed… skyward, forward, you figure it out. USA Today correctly points out that if the same standard were applied to the Olympics, lots of people would have been DQ’d.

    My comments: How idiotic can these Texas UIL people be? Pretty idiotic, apparently.

  • Bernard King takes shots at Knicks on Twitter, account deactivated, friend accused.

    Twitter is the Devil.

  • Yeah, when you see posts like this, you know we’ve hit the off season.

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