Kentucky Football: Should we write off Darius West and Mike Edwards?

USA Today Sports

What do we make of Darius West postponing his school choice?

2014 4-star safety Darius West was supposed to announce his commitment on Thursday and now he’s postponed the announcement until he takes all five of his official visits, which suggests he wants to visit Ole Miss and Miami.

I can understand the Ole Miss visit. Ole Miss is killing it in recruiting. I don't understand the Miami visit unless it is just for a fun weekend. Does he really want to commit to a team that is possibly facing severe NCAA penalties? I can see, however, taking in a free weekend at South Beach.

My bet is that of the two, Ole Miss presents the most worrisome problem. Both schools are a long way from home, however. Kentucky is close to home.

Mike Edwards and West have both stated they want to play together in college. Edwards hasn't set an announcement date, but it has been pretty clear that his high school coach is trying to "steer" him towards Michigan State.

It has also been reported that negative recruiting by some schools has been directed toward Vince Marrow. These schools are telling our recruits that Marrow won't be at UK much longer because one of the Big Boy schools will soon hire him away from Kentucky. It has been said (by one or more of our recruits) that Louisville is one of those schools. Well, Duh! Does that really surprise anyone?

Maybe one way to figure out who the other schools are is by reviewing which schools are offering both players. That is, if they are both committed to playing together in college.

West has UK, Louisville, Wisconsin, and Michigan State as his top five out of his 26 offers. Michigan State offered on May 14th. Ole Miss offered on May 18th and Miami offered on May 24th. Ohio State has not made an offer.

Edwards has six favorites: UK, Louisville, Nebraska, Vanderbilt, West Virginia and Wisconsin. He has 19 offers. He doesn't have an offer from Ohio St. He hasn't picked up an offer from either Ole Miss or Miami...yet. And, Michigan State hasn't offered either.

So, who is most likely doing the negative recruiting by telling these Ohio kids that Vince Marrow won't be there for them at Kentucky? Simple deduction brings you to the conclusion that Wisconsin and Louisville are the primary culprits. That being said, the negative recruiting could also be coming from the following common offers: Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Central Florida, Vanderbilt and West Virginia.

It would not surprise me that the B1G schools on the above list would use the dirty tactics and maybe West Virginia. I could also see Georgia Tech as they are desperate for quality recruits. It would, however, surprise me if Central Florida was doing the dirty tricks. The Golden Knights get their main share of recruits from Florida, not Ohio. UCF may be bad mouthing UK in Florida, but they won't be talking about Vince Marrow. On this list of schools, interest hasn't been shown by either player. When schools start with the dirty tactics, it is documented that recruits don't like the practice. Besides, it is usually a sign of desperation.

Assuming that these two kids want to play together and assuming that Ohio State doesn't offer either player, you can't be too upset by West's postponement. He's a kid and official visits are fun. I would encourage Darius West and Mike Edwards to take all five visits. What say you?

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