College Football: The Illinois High Scool Association's Policy 13


In an effort to reduce heat stroke, Illinois is taking action. It may, however, do more damage to high school football than good.

Did you know that Missouri is the only state with a school in the SEC that doesn't have spring football practice? I've already told you in one of my Recruiting Florida articles that Florida produces over 330 Division I signees yearly on a consistent basis. Here's quote from Rivals writer Dallas Jackson in an article about high school football legislation from the Illinois High School Association (IHSA).

In the Class of 2013, only Ohio produced more than 80 FBS signees in the region.

Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota combined for 221 signees -- 111 fewer than the state of Florida despite having a combined 152,733 more participants.

None of the states listed in the quote above have spring practice. One reason given is the risk of heat stroke. I'm sure the southern boys would laugh at that if they are aware of it.

While heat stroke can be a problem, the consumption of water in large quantities during practice solves the perceived Northern concerns. It may be hot in the south in the Spring, but the temperature at this time of the year is nothing compared to August. And, in the deep south, the temperature on the field is often above 100 degrees during a game. I'm not sure how Illinois would handle that, but I have an idea.

Illinois also has a solution for the August heat. No tackling in preseason practices. Yeah, buddy. My own belief from observation is that no contact in preseason means more injuries during the season. The body has to be conditioned to contact.

Anyway, read the article. It is eye-opening. It also tells you what the kids in those states are doing to overcome the roadblocks.There are some who have been predicting an assault against football. If so, it may be beginning in Illinois.

What are your thoughts?


ISHA Policy 13

Where the FBS signees come from

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