Kentucky Football: Kobie Walker’s Commitment is a Bigger Deal than You Think


Is Kobie Walker’s commitment a big deal?

Kobie Walker's "only" a 3 star recruit. This comment has been both written and said. The fact is, for Kentucky, his commitment is a big deal; a very big deal. Here's four reasons why.

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Reason #1 is that his commitment vaulted the Cats into 7th place in the SEC and 15th nationally in the Rivals Team Rankings. That is a lofty spot which is new territory where we've never been before. Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music.

Reason #2. Didn't his commitment take Kentucky from a 3.50 star average rating down to 3.43? Yesbut (a new term I just made up) his commitment didn't do anything to our average player evaluation ratings. It remains at an average 5.7 which means that Walker and Hendrix could boost UK's player ratings by having a very good to great senior year into a 4 star rating with both having a 5.8 or 5.9 player evaluation rating by the end of their respective seasons. So, that's reason number two why this is a big deal.

Reason #3 is, perhaps, the most important reason. Walker comes from a national level high school football program. Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, Maryland, is an elite football program which is something similar to basketball at Maryland's DeMatha Catholic. You can bet Walker has been well coached.

Our Lady of Good Counsel is much like Louisville's Trinity, Las Vegas, NV's Bishop Gorman, Ft. Lauderdale's St. Thomas Aquinas, Nashville's Montgomery Bell, Ramsey, NJ's Don Bosco, Hoover from Alabama and De La Salle out in Concord California, among others. These are schools who play football powerhouses from other states and some of these games are televised on ESPN. The players on these teams are not afraid of a big stage as a result.

While signing any player from Trinity is a big deal for UK, UL and WKU, Trinity is a Kentucky school and is the Commonwealth's best football program year in and year out. Last year, James Quick, a Rivals (6.0) 4 star signed with Louisville while Kentucky was able to flip another Rivals (5.8) 4 star, Jason Hatcher, away from Southern Cal. While this is a big deal, Walker comes from the same type of program from Maryland. One could expect a recruit from Trinity to sign with one of the three Kentucky programs, unless they just want to go out of state, as several have. Getting a commitment from the same type of kid from another state has meaning.

Getting a commitment from a recruit from a national level program means that Kentucky is legitimately recruiting right along side of the "big dawgs" and also means we're making room for ourselves on the porch.. Last season, Trinity and Our Lady of Good Counsel finished 18th and 19th respectively in the nation, according to MaxPreps. Both also won won state championships.

Our Lady of Good Counsel finished at 11-1, losing to (Las Vegas) Bishop Gorman in their first game (27-22) in Las Vegas. They played (Montvale, NJ) St. Joseph Regional HS at Navy Stadium in Annapolis. They also played several District of Columbia schools.

Reason #4 is that his commitment put Kentucky's foot in the door at Good Counsel and the new relationship could bring more good news next year. Maybe a commitment from Roger Richardson. Read about him here.

Players like Kobie Walker do nothing but help your program in the long run. He is from an elite school. Football people notice these things.

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