Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Andrew Wiggins Day Edition

Ashley Judd wants Andrew Wiggins in Blue and White (the CORRECT) blue, of course. - Andy Lyons

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Andrew Wiggins picks from among Kentucky, Florida St., Kansas and North Carolina today. Kentucky lands a safety from Maryland. UK football recruiting Ohio hard. More.

Today is Andrew Wiggins Day, proclaimed a federal holiday last night by a secret act of Congress and signed in the dead of night by President Obama during a meeting with Hillary Clinton and the IRS Commissioner.

I understand Dave Telep, Paul Biancrdi, and Evan Daniels were all there singing O, Canada.

So if you work for the federal government, this is actually a day off for you. You just have to remember the secret passphrase so you can whisper it to your boss tomorrow. Just in case you haven’t got the email, the passphrase is, "Wigg-pocalypse."

Tweet of the Morning:

Umm… Coach Stoops? Did anyone happen to mention to you how this whole "Operation [fill in the blank] stuff worked out for your predecessor?

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kobie Walker is Kentucky’s 7th commitment. I love his size (6’4", 200#) for a safety. Some think he will wind up as a linebacker, but it’s nice to have that combination of speed and size anywhere. He also played for a very good high school team.

    Here’s Walker’s stats from last year (via Hank).

  • Chris Fey gets an offer from Kentucky (via Hank).

  • Stooooooops! Dude’s making noise on the other side of The River (Hank).

  • This is exactly the kind of article Kentucky needs to see more of, and it will (via Hank). I love this:

    Kentucky very well may struggle to contend on the gridiron this fall, but it is no longer to be taken lightly when it comes to recruiting.

    That sounds right to me, and that is a fair assessment of our situation right now.

  • Damien Harris "pretty close" to UK coach Mark Stoops and OC Neal Brown. Still, with this guy’s offer list, Kentucky has their work cut out for them. He’s likely to prove whether or not Stoops can really close the Kentucky borders.

  • This was so true:

    Whether it was lack of interest or aptitude — perhaps an alternation or combination of both — the border between Kentucky and Ohio might as well have been the Great Wall of China in recent years when it came to the University of Kentucky’s football recruiting efforts in the Buckeye State.

    But not anymore.

  • John Clay is opposed to dropping the UK-Louisville football series, and I think he gets the reasons right.

Kentucky basketball
College football
  • USC and Lane Kiffin without drama? Seems … unnatural, somehow.
College basketball
  • Andy Katz says the new Big East (is that anything like New Coke?) doesn’t have a commissioner yet.

  • I laughed at this:

    Watching the Dark Lord masterfully troll Bob Stoops and the Sooners last week (and the, uh, Big 12 or whatever it is) inspired me to call out a few teams/fanbases who, for various reasons, are quite simply getting on my nerves. While it’s great to be the envy of the college football world, hearing the same nonsense from the same people just gets old. [emphasis mine]

    I could write the same thing, anytime, but this was funny.

Other sports news
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