Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Wiggins Eve Edition

"I want YOU to be a Wildcat, Andrew!" - Andy Lyons

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Andrew Wiggins sets his decision date for Tuesday at a quarter past noon. Softball will host NCAA Tournament regional. Bat Cats swept by Vanderbilt, in danger of missing post-season. More.

The word is that Andrew Wiggins will announce tomorrow. See our article here for analysis.

Tweet of the Morning:

I had to laugh at this. I know how Nerlens feels. Sometimes, in physical games, I just freak out a little.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Here’s a pretty good recruiting article on Stoops vs. Joker. I may do something similar, but different, in a few days.

    While the article is good, it seems to me to be slightly "agenda" driven. The author fails to point out that Stoops has a larger recruiting budget than what Joker had to work with and Stoops was given permission to pay for better assistant coaches (Hank).

  • Oh, Puh-leazzzze. The doubters are rampant. Like the Big Ten is such a strong conference. Big Ten arrogance is truly amazing.

    Ohio kids: Commitments

    • 2013 - Nebraska 3, UK 3. Rivals Team Ranking: Nebraska 17th, UK 29th
    • 2014 - Nebraska 0, UK 5. Rivals Team Ranking: UK 19th, Nebraska 70th

    We’re not done yet and they haven’t even started with commitments from Ohio kids.

    While Nebraska may wind up with a higher ranked class than UK come Signing Day, it won’t be due to the number of Ohio players who sign with the Cornhuskers (Hank).

  • Congrats to Morgan Newton, Matt Smith and Craig McIntosh for being named to the NFF Hampshire Honor Society.

Kentucky basketball
Other UK sports
College football
College basketball
  • Andy Katz’s 3-point shot daily blog. Particularly interesting today as it covers a number of hot topics in college basketball.

  • I don’t see a problem with this, but I don’t see how U of L and UK could really cooperate meaningfully on it.

  • More on the coming rule changes to college basketball. I thought this was interesting regarding the elbow rule:

    The change to the elbow rule gives officials the opportunity to adjust if the player is making a basketball play and inadvertently hits a player.

    An official can call a flagrant foul 1, a flagrant foul 2, a player control foul, or if the official goes to the monitor, he can wipe the foul away if he sees no contact. In the past, once a call was made, the official couldn’t erase the call or just call a player-control foul.

  • 2013 NBA Draft Combine participant list.

Other sports news
  • Nazr Mohammed shoves LeBron James, gets the heave-ho. Not sure what bee got under Nazr’s bonnet, he normally doesn’t go full Meta World Peace like that.

  • Chuck Hayes to give a speech at his old high school, Modesto Christian. Those kids need to listen, Hayes is a winner.

  • Sergio Garcia, victim. Dude, you were owned. Period. Tiger owns all of you. You can’t haz championship because Tiger Woods says so. When he says you can, then maybe you can.

    God, I hate a whiner even worse than a serial adulterer.

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