Kentucky Wildcats: Sunday Brunch -- Mother's Day Edition

Ashely Lowery (#5) has been released from the hospital. - Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Happy Mothers Day from A Sea of Blue. Bat Cats drop double-header to Vanderbilt. Golf misses opportunity to advance in NCAA Tournament. Men's tennis in Sweet Sixteen. More.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Best wishes for a great day from all of us here at A Sea of Blue.

Tweet of the Morning:

Well, there’s the whole, "He’ll be the man there" thing, but I don’t think that will offset the fact that Leonard Hamilton plays a grind-it-out, slow-it-down system ill-suited to Wiggins’ game.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • John Clay on Mark Stoops:

    Let’s tap the brakes on the bandwagon just a second. For all the happy headlines thus far, the fact remains that Stoops has yet to be a head coach for a single college football game, much less the death march that is a Southeastern Conference college football game, no matter what brother Bob might have to say about that.

    But if you think this is where this columnist injects a negative tone to this tome, you’re wrong.

    Just so. Next year’s campaign will be a crucible for Stoops and his staff, and he’d better get used to the idea that it’s going to be pretty bad.

    While I can’t gainsay Clay on Western Kentucky, I do consider it a must-win game. If Kentucky, who recruited better than Western even under Joker Phillips loses to the Hilltoppers, I’ll entertain doubts as to whether or not Stoops has what it takes to turn Kentucky around.

    It’s one thing to minimize expectations. It’s another to minimize them to the point of a complete abdication of responsibility. I reject that latter. Stoops has got to win some games, and Western needs to be one of them. Losing to Louisville is never okay, but next year, it will be understandable and expected. But Western? Uh uh (via Hank).

  • A history of the top players in Kentucky for the last ten years. Kentucky managed to land 4 of them, although one of the four transferred before playing a down at Kentucky.

  • There are a lot of UK recruits on these two lists: Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This is UL’s priority hunting ground (Hank).

  • More reax on Drew Barker’s commitment. It never gets old.

  • Neal Brown talks depth at quarterback, practice reps, Reese Phiilips and more.

  • Ashely Lowery released from the hospital. Expect him back on the field next year. Great outcome from a scary wreck.

Kentucky basketball
  • With due respect, this breathless Andrew Wiggins stuff is getting a little over the top. Of course he’s nearing a decision, he’s nearing the signing deadline.

    Yes, he could blow by that with no consequences, but he most likely won’t. So yeah, expect a decision Tuesday or Wednesday. He’s waited this long, so he’ll probably go near to the last minute.

  • KSR lists the earnings of the ex-players of the top five in NBA basketball. Kentucky is not first on this list … yet.

  • Dick Vitale says, "Kentucky’s second team would be good enough to be ranked in the top 20."

    I know I’ve posted this before, but it bears repeating. If Wiggins comes, the second team will be good enough to crack the top ten, in my view. They might be good enough now, depending on who you figure as a starter.

Other UK sports
College football
  • Miami is trying to get away with the Nevin Shapiro debacle, but this will make it tougher:

    The chief financial officer for rogue University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro’s investment business has backed up his former boss’ claims that he threw parties on his yacht for UM football stars — plus sank $3.3 million of stolen investors’ money into a sports agency to recruit them for the NFL.

    Unlike the unethically-obtained testimony that the NCAA had to redact from its case, this is completely usable in their case, should they wish to put it in.

    The NCAA has more than enough to hang Miami out to dry, but this should serve to stiffen their spine in the face of the shrill threats by Donna Shalala, former Clinton administration cabinet member and now Miami president (via Hank).

  • Smart move, very smart move (Hank).

  • Only one school has a chance when God gets involved in recruiting. Game over (Hank).

  • Is Ohio State the 2014 Notre Damee – media darlings with a another weak schedule? Who is their Teo (Hank)?

  • Saturday Down South has UK at the #10 class in the SEC, just behind Georgia.

College basketball
  • Henry Bacon, a player on Denny Crum’s first Final Four team in 1972, has graduated from Louisville.

    Good to see. Congratulations, Henry.

  • This is why Andrew Wiggins is unlikely to be attending FSU, despite his parent’s ties to the school:

    If you’re looking to showcase your talents in an up-tempo system, Florida State is not where you want to be.

Other sports news
  • New Orleans hasn’t changed Anthony Davis:

    In New Orleans, a city with legendary nightlife and temptations, Davis basically lived alone as a teenager in a world full of sharks, even though family was constantly in and out.

    "It is different," he said. "I think college prepared me to be on my own."

    I think we have to give Coach Cal some credit, too. He does a good job of teaching the players humility, and I have no doubt that money management is part of his discussion with these young players when they declare for the draft.

  • Tayshaun Prince is still awesome, and making a major impact on the Grizzlies. 33 years old now, Prince is closer to the winter of his NBA career than the spring, but he is back on a contender and doing what he does best – playing a thinking-man’s game.

    This is a great, full-cup-of-coffee read. Take the time. I know this was linked earlier, but I can’t remember by whom. Via Aaron’s blog.

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