Kentucky Football Recruiting Odds and Ins (and Outs)

Chase Litton from Tampa, Florida, shows his form. - SB Nation Recruiting

Just some random musings that you should find interesting.

Team Recruiting Rankings: 247 Sports has UK ranked 33rd. Rivals shows UK at 23rd. Scout has UK at 29th. The world- wide leader (what a joke) only ranks their top 15. How's that for providing good information? World-wide leader, indeed. Expect some changes after Friday.

Recruiter Rankings: 247 Sports ranks the recruiters. Vince Marrow ranks 13th nationally which puts him 7th in the SEC. He's behind 1st place David Beaty of Texas A&M, 3rd place Clarence McKinney of Texas A&M, 4th place Kirby Smart of Alabama, 8th place Matt Luke of Ole Miss, 9th place Frank Wilson of LSU, and 11th place Corey Raymond of LSU.

Marrow would be the 2nd best recruiter in both the Big 12 and the ACC and the 3rd best recruiter in the B1G. He would be the best recruiter in all the other conferences. #1 Baby.

Just for what it's worth, the weirdness of Joker Phillips isn't in the Top 50 and he's not in the Top 100. Top 150? Nope. It seems you have to get a commitment to be ranked and he's got one to come in at 227th. He makes more than Vince Marrow. Clint Hurtt's absence has hurt him. He's fallen to 77th and he makes twice what Vince Marrow makes, assuming he's on paid leave. Time for a Marrow raise at the end of the season?

Now, to the top Quarterbacks in the nation. Do we care outside of where we recruit? Meh. Kentucky is focusing on Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama for the most part. Here's last season's statistical top three from each of those states (Seniors are excluded):

Passing Stats:


1. Jarredd Jarrell (So), Prestonsburg HS. Completed 61.6%, 32 TDs and 274.8 yds/game.

2. Devin Hayes (Jr), Bowling Green HS. Completed 60.2%, 40 TDs, and 181.2 yds/game.

3. Josh Dyer (Jr) (Bowling Green) - Greenwood HS. Completed 60.1%, 25 TDs and 208.8 yds/game.


1. Kyle Akin (So) (Jackson) - Trinity Christian Academy. Completed 57.2%, 32 TDs, and 262.1 yds/game.

2. A.J. Long (Jr) (Lebanon) - Friendship Christian HS. Completed 61.1%, 37 TDs, and 176.9 yds/game.

3. Ethan Jeffers (So) (Jacksboro) - Campbell Co. HS. Completed 55.0%, 20 TDs, and 220.3 yds/game.


1. Brandon Butts (So) (Blountsville) Pennington HS. Completed 55.8%, 14 TDs, and 192.8 yds/game.

2. Garrett Lewis (Jr) (Buhl) Sipsey Valley HS. Completed 51.4%, 23 TDs, and 187.9 yds/game.

3. Ty Sparks (Jr) (Wedowee) Randolph Co. HS. Completed 65.3%, 25 TD, and 202.7 yds/game.


1. Deshaun Watson (Jr) Gainesville HS. Completed 70.1%, 50 TDs, and 268.3 yds/game.

2. Cole Garvin (Jr) (Tyrone) Sandy Creek HS. Completed 64.8%, 20 TDs, and 177.9 yds/game

3. Brooks Barden (Jr) Cartersville HS. Completed 56.3%, 36 TDs, and 187.4yds/game.


1. Grant Sherman (Jr) Kenton HS. Completed 65.3%, 49 TDs, and 407.6 yds/game.

2. Joe Burrow (So) (The Plains) Athens HS. Completed 62.2%, 47 TDs, and 249.2 yds/game.

3. Jared Rettig (So) (Millbury) Lake HS. Completed 63.3%, 32 TDs, and 354.8 yds/game.


1. Tucker Isreal (So) (Orlando) Lake Nona HS. Completed 69.2%, 37 TDs, and 335.0 yds/game.

2. Chase Litton (Jr) (Tampa) Wharton HS. Completed 58.4%, 23 TDs, and 248.4 yds/game.

3. Dalton Stokes (Jr) Vero Beach HS. Completed 66.0%, 25 TDs, and 229.6 yds/game.

Kentucky will most likely take only one scholarship quarterback again in the 2015 cycle. Which one of these would you choose?

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