Kentucky Wildcats: Sunday Brunch - Jack Hoffman Edition

Streeter Lecka

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Louisville and Michigan advance to championship game. Kentucky baseball loses series to LSU. Stoops likes how the offense looked this weekend. More.

Jack Hoffman scoring a 69 yard touchdown during Nebraska's scrimmage is a truly priceless moment you can find below. Also in the news, Mark Stoops is very happy with the improvement in the offense, at least for now.

Tweet of the Morning:

A fair question.

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  • Ann Arbor: Michigan Fans Rioted (Sort Of) And Lit Couch On Fire [Video] // The Big Lead

    The purpose of the whole couch-burning thing completely escapes me.

  • Syracuse Orange vs. Michigan Wolverines // April 06, 2013 - ESPN

    Trailing 58-56, the Orange had a chance to force overtime. But Brandon Triche was called for a foul when Jordan Morgan stepped in to take the charge with 19.2 seconds left.

    Congratulations to Michigan, but that call was clearly a block. Triche was in the air well before the defender established position.

  • Bracket Briefing: Controversial calls mar Final Four // USA Today

    Controversy Part 1: With Wichita State trailing Louisville 71-68 with 8.8 seconds remaining, Louisville’s Luke Hancock missed a free throw off the back iron. WSU freshman Ron Baker snatched the rebound and while trying to secure the ball, was contested by Hancock for what couldn’t have been longer than a second before a whistle was blown by referee Karl Hess. What could have been easily ruled a reach-in foul was called a held ball — subsequently causing the Shockers’ fate to slip away with the possession arrow going the Louisville.

    Controversy Part 2:
    In basketball, momentum is everything. Syracuse saw its momentum disintegrate after a controversial charge call with less than 30 seconds remaining. The Orange’s Brandon Triche was whistled for a charge after Michigan’s Jordan Morgan appeared to position himself just in time. That change in possession deflated ’Cuse after storming back to slice a substantial deficit to two. “You know, it was a close call,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim said after the game. ESPN analyst Jay Bilas called it a “blarge.” In other words, it looked much more like a block than a charge. “There’s no question it was a block. The replay makes it pretty obvious.”

    I was hoping that we’d have clean victories, but instead, we have controversies in both. In my mind, there is no controversy, however – both calls were pretty obviously wrong, and shouldn’t have been.

  • Jim Boeheim feuds with reporter over retirement question // USA Today

    The exchange got testy when Doyel pointed out that media members ask players frequently after NCAA tournament games if they plan on coming back next year.

    “And they handle it better than you,” Doyel remarked.

    Score one for Doyel. It’s unwise to wax all curmudgeonly at the media in general, and Doyel in particular. Handling smart-alecks is what he does every day.

  • Report: FBI investigating Rutgers whistleblower Eric Murdock //

    The FBI is investigating whether Eric Murdock – the Rutgers assistant whose practice videos led to the ouster of Rutgers head coach Mike Rice and athletic director Tim Pernetti – tried to extort the university, according to a New York Times report.

    I don’t really have sympathy for Murdock, I think his lawsuit is frivolous. But I am also pretty sure that a “give us money or we’ll sue” threat isn’t extortion, but rather a statement of fact. If we start calling that extortion, we are on a very slippery slope indeed.

    The trouble is, if the FBI is actually investigating, Murdock will almost certainly be charged. I can count the number of FBI investigations that don’t end in an indictment on the fingers of one hand. Hopefully, this will be one of them, but I have my doubts.

  • Hold on to your hats, it’s Louisville vs. Michigan on Monday! // CollegeBasketballTalk

    No Cinderellas in the title game this year. It’s going to be all Big Time, all the way.

    That’s how it usually works out.

  • A Win-Win for Pitino //

    You might say Louisville coach Rick Pitino hit the daily double Saturday. Three time zones west of Atlanta, where his team tamed Wichita State in the N.C.A.A. Final Four semifinals, Pitino’s prized 3-year-old thoroughbred Goldencents captured the Santa Anita Derby in Arcadia, Calif.

    Pitino is having a very good year, no doubt.

  • Rutgers Officials Long Knew of Coach Mike Rice’s Abusive Behavior //

    They first saw the video Nov. 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving, inside an office in Piscataway, N.J., but it was hardly the first time that senior Rutgers officials had heard of the troubling behavior of Mike Rice, the men’s basketball coach.

  • First look at Monday's championship game // ESPN

    The nation’s best offense and the nation’s best defense, together at last. If you are a fan of efficiency statistics – and “fandom” doesn’t really come into it, because that’s like saying you’re a “fan” of field goal percentage or Fahrenheit – you are well aware what we’ve got on our hands Monday night. But if you don’t know, now you know: When Michigan and Louisville square off in the cavernous Georgia Dome, we will get to watch the nation’s best offense and the nation’s best defense at the same time, on the same possessions, for all of 40 minutes. (In case you can’t tell, I am excited. This is very exciting.)

    It is a pretty cool concept that we all love, the “unstoppable force vs. immovable object” debate.

  • What caused Kevin Ware's horrific leg injury? // The Week

    Compound or open fractures are typically high-energy type injuries which generally occur when an individual is involved in a high velocity car accident or fall, or when a landing is awkward with twisting or torsional type forces… It is exceedingly rare to see this type of injury in a basketball game, let alone a sports competition in general. [Forbes]

    How rare, exactly? Dr. Dave Hnida, medical editor with Denver’s CBS affiliate, said he knew of only two things in life that could cause injuries that bad: Car accidents and war.

    Amazing. Via Hank.

  • What Makes Louisville Special // RealGM
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  • Tornado season about to roar after slow start // USA Today

    After a remarkably quiet start to the severe weather season in the USA — which included the fewest number of tornadoes in March in several decades — signs are pointing to a more active pattern for April. This includes the possibility of an outbreak this week in the central USA.

    News you can use. Keep your eye on the sky.

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