Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Nike Hoop Summit Edition

The last rolling of the Toomer's Corner oaks. - Mike Zarrilli

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. World team defeats Team USA in Nike Hoop Summit. Kentucky baseball drops two at South Carolina, rubber match today at 1:30. Softball loses at Arkansas. More.

The Nike Hoop Summit had UK players on both sides, the USA and the World team. Julius Randle and Andrew Harrison impressed, Aaron Harrison had another cold shooting game.

Tweet of the Weekend:

Who would have imagined this after going 2-10 last year?

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Kentucky Wildcats Football: UK Becoming Destination for Area Recruits? // Wildcat Blue Nation

    Nice to see. Kentucky continues to make Lexington attractive for more and more talented players, and it’s very important for Stoops & Co. to ride this wave of goodwill for all it’s worth. With the toughest schedule in the nation next year, reality is likely to take a bite out of our elevated expectations all too soon. (Via Hank)

  • Why do colleges send recruits 100 letters in a day? // College Recruiting

    I’m glad someone asked… (Hank)

  • Mikel Horton chooses Kentucky football over FSU, Vandy // The Courier-Journal

    Horton, who chose UK over Florida State and Vanderbilt, is the highest-ranked high school running back to sign with the Wildcats since began ranking players in 2002.

    Another first for the Wildcats. This is getting good. This kid is a beast at 203#, that’s serious SEC size.

  • The Cause of Unattainable Expectation and SEC Fans - Saturday Blitz

    This year will definitely be much better – Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee

    Fictional fan thought process: It’s not going to be easy, but with (insert change here), there’s no reason we can’t go .500 in league play and go to a bowl game. If we get a few breaks, going 5-3 or even 6-2 isn’t out of the question.

    This definitely describes many Kentucky fans, although with our schedule, .500 would take a miracle. Winning 2 games is possible, though, and although 3 becomes a vanishingly small possibility, it is still within the realm of the possible, if unlikely.

Kentucky basketball
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College football
College basketball
  • Highlight Reel of 14-Year-Old Goes Viral

    It’s hard to forget anyone with a name like “Seventh Woods.” It’s even harder to forget that person if they’re a prodigiously talented, 14-year-old basketball phenom.

    Pretty amazing video. I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about him in a couple of years.

Other sports news
Other news
  • Improving the Fedora Boot Experience // Slashdot

    I haven’t used Red Hat, or it’s community development branch Fedora, for many years. But it used to be my go-to distribution.

    Nowadays, I’m a fan of Linux Mint and Puppy Linux. It’s really cool booting up Puppy, which runs 100% in RAM, and finding out just how fast web surfing can really be.

  • Kids skip college, blaze different career paths

    College no longer guarantees success or even a good enough job to pay back student loans. Thanks, but no thanks, some high school grads are starting to say to higher ed. Instead, some are starting their own businesses, working for free at companies to get experience, and flying out to conferences to network.

    I’ve always known this, but today’s skyrocketing tuition has seriously impacted the value of a college education when compared to its cost.

  • Millennials don't worry about online privacy

    Everybody should think security first when it comes to any online transaction, but it shouldn’t dissuade you from using online tools.

    Understanding how technology works can produce contempt for it, but if you’re smart, you have multiple firewalls and privacy guards on your computer.

    Older folks have a somewhat irrational fear of online security, but this describes a more laissez-faire attitude than I would be comfortable with. Just know that identity thieves are out there, and reasonable precautions are necessary. Don’t invite crackers and thieves into your online home with soft security.

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