Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Connecting Non-existent Dots

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

I was a Tarot-reader in another life, or so I suppose...

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign (as the song goes). I responded to someone in the threads earlier today that trying to read the recruiting tea-leaves should only be done as a form of entertainment. Anyone who seriously thinks they know what these young guys are going to do, especially when they so often take pains to make their intentions as opaque as possible when it comes to their college choice, is kidding themselves.

With that said, it’s fun to speculate, and I enjoy trying to connect the non-existent dots and occasionally indulge in the idea that my perception is somehow special. It’s not, of course – even if I get them right, it’s as much luck as anything.

Which brings us to the Aaron Gordon decision. As JC told us earlier, Gordon is going to be a Wildcat, but one of the blue and red persuasion instead of the proper Blue and White. We know that John Calipari doesn’t lose many recruiting battles, but we also know that Julius Randle just committed to UK, and Randle and Gordon play the same presumptive position – power forward.

Then comes Dave Telep to tell us that, oh, by the way, Arizona is also loaded at the 4 spot. So why did Gordon go there instead of to Kentucky? Telep goes on to explain that Gordon really wants to try his hand at the 3. Immediately, if you’re paying attention, you’ll note that, wait a minute, Kentucky is notably lacking depth at the 3 spot right now. With Archie Goodwin heading to the Big Boys League, we have only James Young to play the three and also serve as the reserve 2 guard. Yes, Potheress could provide depth there if he stays, also, but it’s a position he’s going to have to learn.

Then, of course, there’s Andrew Wiggins, the ultimate wing forward that Kentucky would love to plug right into that under-manned 3-spot. Could it be that Gordon knows more about what Wiggins has in mind than the rest of us, and knew that time at the three would be hard to find at Kentucky? Well, probably not. He probably picked Arizona for all kinds of good reasons unrelated to playing time at Kentucky. I just wanted to stick that thought in your head for the fun of it.

Speaking of fun, if Wiggins does pick Kentucky, it would make Kentucky perhaps the most versatile college team since the 1996 Kentucky Wildcats. Kentucky could field two complete teams of Burger Boys, something even Rick Pitino couldn’t approach. Willie Cauley-Stein would be the only player on the scholarship roster who wasn’t a Mickey D, assuming Poythress stays. I know than North Carolina and probably others have had starting lineups with McDonald’s All-Americans, but has anyone ever been able to field two completely different lineups with Mickey D’s from the same team? Anybody? Beuller?

Tomorrow is the McDonalds All-America game, and we’ll see six for sure and possibly seven McDonald’s All-Americans that will attend Kentucky next year. Andrew Wiggins would make seven, and seven has a much nicer ring to it than six.

Don’t you think?

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