Kentucky Football: Are Parents and Coaches Always Right?

Photo credit - Navin75

Remember the recruit last year whose mother "lost" his Letter of Intent because she wanted him to sign with another school? It made the headlines and many found it amusing. His father, if I recall correctly, wound up signing the LOI. Do we have a similar situation with Mike Edwards?

Mike Edwards is safety who plays for Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati. He is a Scout 4 star player. 247 Sports ranks him as a 3 star and Rivals also ranks him as a 3 star with a 5.7 rating. A good season could move him up to a 4 star in the Rivals system. He was in attendance at the Blue/White game and UK has been recruiting him hard.

With Mike Edwards' HS coach and parents not wanting him to commit this early, you have to assume they want him to wait and see if he can get a better offer. I guess they don't realize that his commitment would not lock him into the school he chooses and it would not stop other schools from pursuing him.

It is common knowledge that he is a Kentucky lean. That has been widely reported and the rumor mill had him committing this week to Kentucky along with Mikel Horton. He currently has 14 offers. None of us know how many of those 14 are "committable." You can see his offer list here.

What is conspicuous is who hasn't offered: Ohio State. While I can't read the minds of his parents or coach, it could be that they believe THE Ohio State University will put an offer on the table. If that were to happen, would they still have objections to the commitment? I am sure that an offer from Ohio State is every Ohio parents' dream. Or, maybe they want an offer from Tommy Tuberville and Cincinnati. Either way, a commitment to Kentucky would not affect either school's decision to make an offer. If such an offer was made, there is nothing to prevent him from flipping. A commitment to Kentucky could actually generate interest from other schools.

Kentucky is not in a good position on this recruitment. They can't afford to anger either the parents or the coach. I'm sure Stoops and Vince Marrow will tread lightly. They may, in fact, agree with the parents and coach. That would be wise.

I've seen a comment made on one of our (UK related) various forums that the coach might think it would keep the recruiters from other schools away during the season if he makes an early commitment. I suppose that is possible, but not probable. If Ohio State or Cincinnati wants him, a commitment to UK won't stop them from recruiting him. It didn't stop Florida from recruiting Denzel Ware and we all know what happened. Without even a Florida offer, he de-committed from UK. Florida finally made a non-committable offer after he de-committed. Now, that's something Ware can take to the bank. Right? Excuse my rolling eyes. Is there difference between Ware and Edwards? Yes. Ware never took a visit to UK.

I really don't have a problem with Edwards committing later in the season. Today's commitments can be tomorrow's flips. It depends on each individual kid. If he loves UK today, do you have to ask if he'll love UK tomorrow? This reminds me of that 1960s song, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" Is this puppy love or the real deal?

Here's one recruit's view on making a commitment. My question to you is should he commit or shouldn't he?

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