Kentucky Sports: Afternoon Quickies - Holding Out For A Hero Edition

Anger managemement, maybe? - USA TODAY Sports

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Julius Randle added to McDonalds team. Josh Harrellson finds a new team to play for. Mississippi St. to play Kentucky on a Thursday night next year. More.

I'm holding out for a hero to show up and rescue this year's team. I know Brandon Knight, John Wall, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are not walking through that door, but maybe one of these guys will rise up, grab the bull by the horns, and drag us to the finish line.

Tweet(s) of the Morning:

Heh. A lifetime of regret follows that decision.

Your Quickies:

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College football
  • Antonio Smith says Houston Texans locker room would laugh at Manti Te’o

    Houston Texans defensive end Antonio Smith was asked on Pro Football Talk on NBC Sports Network how Manti Te’o would be greeted if he were to be drafted by the Houston Texans and Smith said that he would be laughed at.

    Heh. Reminds me of how submariners treat new guys in their department. You have to learn to have thick skin, or endure a lot of practical jokes at your expense.

    Seems the NFL is that way, too (Via Hank).

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  • The 10 least powerful people in sports //

    NCAA investigator: They have no formal role in the legal system and no subpoena power. What they do have of late is a trail of spectacular bad PR after violating many of its own procedures during the University of Miami investigation. If offenders don't outright admit their crimes, NCAA investigators are cooked. Self-reporting is more effective.


  • Ex-Cat Harrellson signs with Puerto Rican team //

    Harrellson will play for Brujos de Guayama of the Puerto Rican basketball league. He was expected to join the team for practice on Wednesday.

    Honestly, this is pretty much what I expected for Josh. He had a good run, he had a year or so in the NBA, and now he moves on to where he probably was always going to wind up.

    It's a good life, though, and you never know. Good luck, Josh, we'll be following your career with interest.

  • John Wall being branded as ‘JW2′ // Washington Post
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