Kentucky Wildcats: Morning Quickies - Dodgeball Edition

By The Eggplant

News and commentary from around the Big Blue Internet. Kentucky baseball drops a game to Kansas St. Wildcats basketball plays dodgeball. Gameday coming to town tomorrow. Can Noel still win SEC Freshman of the Year? More.

Seems that John Calipari is having the team play a little dodgeball to lighten them up a bit. I do hope he's seen this video:

Tweet of the Morning:

Indeed. Happy birthday and a quick recovery to Rajon Rondo. Can't wait to see him back on the floor.

Your Quickies:

Kentucky football
  • Tim Brando talks to Mark Stoops about the 2013 recruiting class:
Kentucky basketball
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College football
  • LOUISVILLE, Ky.: Louisville AD: Hurtt to remain on Cardinals staff //
  • Tim Sullivan : Louisville football's defensive line coach Clint Hurtt helps his case // The Courier-Journal

    Clint Hurtt is entitled to the presumption of innocence. He deserves his day in court. He has a right to be heard, to answer the allegations leveled against him, and to be judged based on all of the available evidence and not just the word of some sleazy jailbird.

    I hope there is more evidence than just the word of Nevin Shapiro, and I expect there is. What Sullivan needs to accept is that just because Shapiro is a sleazy con artist doesn't mean his testimony is false.

    Louisville may use the NCAA's missteps as justification to retain Hurtt even if he is blameworthy for the charges made by the NCAA. I frankly don't care -- schools have a right to employ who they will, as long as they are willing to accept the consequences. If Hurtt winds up with recruiting restrictions or worse, Louisville has to make a business decision, and I could care less what it is.

  • Miami's NCAA defense has sudden change of tone

    "It's unprecedented," said David Ridpath, an assistant professor of sports administration at Ohio University and a frequent critic of the NCAA's enforcement arm. "In many ways she's thrown down the gantlet and challenged (the NCAA): 'Bring it on.' "
    I predict she loses, and loses huge. We'll see if I'm right. Via Mr. Hanky.
  • State drops case against Florida player // The Courier-Journal

    "Ownership or control of the substance must be proven. When multiple people are in a car where marijuana is found, that same rule applies. There were no facts to show ownership or control by Purifoy as opposed to the other defendants, which compels dismissal of the charges.''
    The lesson to be learned here -- if you're gonna smoke ganja, make sure you do it with friends. Or, maybe be sure you are a Florida football player. Either way. Hat tip: Mr. Hanky

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