Kentucky Football: 2014 Recruiting - Part Three


Part Two was dated February 18th and today is the 22nd. One would think there would not be a lot of activity since the 15th.

“Not so fast, my friend” as my Game Day favorite clown likes to say.

There has actually been a boatload of activity. So much so that keeping up is becoming a major task. My last report carried us through the 15th of February with a few missing dates of offers and a few with missing names of UK recruiters. I had left off Reggie Bonnafon who was offered on the 14th, so I will include him in the next update this coming Tuesday.

My rule, for myself, is to bring you the most accurate information, not the fastest information. My reports are chronological as best as I can determine and they also give you the recruiter’s name if it is available. The offers are coming so fast that it is hard to verify them, meaning more than one recruiting service report, the date of the offer and the recruiter’s name.

I am most frustrated with Scout because they just don’t update very often while 247 Sports and Rivals try hard to keep their readership informed by updating often, even daily. Even these two cannot keep up with Stoops & Company. Rivals tries very hard, as does 247 Sports, to provide the recruiter’s name, but only 247 Sports tries to give you the date of the offer(s). I will continue to provide Scout’s ratings, but will no longer be using Scout for any other information.

On to the activities. Saturday is another Junior Day and there are roughly 15-20 football recruits, in addition to basketball signee Dakari Johnson, coming in to catch College Game Day. They get to listen to the Wildcat Faithful boo Digger Phelps, which is worth the trip to Lexington in and of itself. Oh yeah, there will be a basketball game against Mizzou to see as well. Smart marketing by Stoops & Company. (I just like the law firm sound of Stoops & Company. Kinda like "For the People" Morgan & Morgan here in Orlando). Some of our 2013 signees will be a part of the group (Montgomery, McWilson and a couple of others).

There are “Big Board” posts on several sites which show interest in Kentucky players. If a Kentucky kid hasn’t yet been offered, he is most likely on that list because of courtesy and a part of the relationship building that Stoops talks about. Most of these kids are not even in the data bases of the recruiting services. They may be offered “Preferred Walk-on” status, but it is highly unlikely that they will be offered a scholarship unless they are a 2015 recruit. Why do I say this? Look at who we’ve offered. Most are 4 star players. Most of our offers, even those who are non-rated, have offers from the Big Boy schools. The UK paradigm in recruiting has shifted. Hey, you wanted change and you got it.

Kentucky has 87 scholarship players on the roster, including the 22 signed in the 2013 class. Look for attrition in the coming months because I am almost positive Stoops will want to sign 25 or close to that for 2014 in his attempt to upgrade the talent level in order to compete in the SEC. The 85 limit on the roster is the enrolled roster. We won’t find that out until August.

Useless Information: The unofficial race for the most confirmed offers stands at Marrow 13 - Ansley 9

By my count, we’ve offered 15 more players since last Friday, and I am going through the verification process. I will update the offers as soon as I can get you the information on them, most likely Tuesday. I've learned not to report on Mondays.

Finally, remember Ray Stevens who did the song, “Ahab, The A-rab?” Here's more about it for the younger generations.

He collaborated with another artist on a song that had the line, “I may be slow, but I’m ahead of you.” That kind of applies to me with respect to passing on recruiting information.

I hope you enjoy it and gain something from it.

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